Dinner Reservations At the Doughnut Shop

On Mondays after dinner our family has what is called Family Home Evening.  When it is my sons turn to conduct Family Home Evenin he would give the prayer, lead a song, give a lesson, choose a game, lead another song, and close with another prayer with a blessing on that evening’s treat. Then he would allow his sister to help because she would be complaining.  She wanted to DO SOMETHING other than just listen, so she helped prepare and serve a desert. The next week would be her turn when she would be in complete control.  Both children patiently tolerated me and my husband’s turns but during their own F. H. E. they only needed my help as a shopper, assigning some kind of refreshment ingredient to be in place for that evening.

It was on a Monday morning when my eight year old son received his first allowance.  This was also his turn to conduct Family Home Evening. After school my son counted his first allowance again got (and here I use a fictitious but similar name) Doe Doe Dee’s Doughnut phone number. I over heard him ask prices for four bowls of soup then eight donuts. Then he made RESERVATIONS FOR DINNER at six!

When he hung up the phone he came in and announced I did not have to supply ingredients for treats and I didn’t even have to provide dinner! To see the reaction of the doughnut shop’s staff and owner to my son’s reservations for dinner read my book Dragon’s Tale found at Amazon.comnancymauerman.com

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