Outsider Art- Trash Cans- and Harry The Brain Surgeon

I looked out my window and what did I see- a stranger bringing in my trash can for me. John, my husband, and I both have cancer. He has lost weight, his fat is completely gone, his muscles are just a shadow of his old warrior self and I do believe his bones are lighter too, he has leukemia. I’ve recently had breast surgery so as a result I’m not to lift, and John can’t so when our neighbors asked to help John asked for our trash cans to by rolled out to the street every other week. (The nice trash man comes only every other week because we live in Portland Oregon and our city proudly aspires to be, “like the third world.” It works we now have rats.)

So like I said, several weeks later when I ‘d healed enough to roll the cans out and in I was very late in doing so because I was so sad for John’s discomfort and hurting because I miss the old John will soon miss the entire John, I just couldn’t face going out the door. Late in the day and out of the corner of my eye I see a woman I don’t know bring my cans around and park them in their place.

I know all but a few on my block and John and I had in the past brought other peoples’ cans in for them if the garbage was picked up came after they’d left for work. In this way burglars won’t think,”Ah ha! The cans are left out- someone’s not home!”  So all I can think is that the idea has spreed and some nice person I haven’t met helped. I love America.

By the way Harry, in the below picture, is a neighbor who has since moved and has never seen his picture, which will immortalize him forever. He’s a pretty old fashioned guy and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings or confuse him because I didn’t paint what he “looks like” but instead I made a picture of his energy and love for his two giant dogs that lived with him in a tiny house.  nancymauerman.com

Click here for a larger image of Harry The Brain Surgeon

Harry The Brain Surgeon

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