Outsider Art My Husband Died Two Days Ago- Thank Goodness For Dish Washing

Johnny, my husband, died two days ago. Twelve years ago he was diagnosed with lykemia. (I’m sorry I can’t figure out the spelling today. Ha, and you should see all the wrong keys I’m hitting too.) “I Look Great With Your Glasses Off,” I said to him awhile ago. We like to look at thoughts from the other side. We had fun with his disease too. And now I’m fighting off breast cancer. We’d laugh after my treatments when we both tripped through the house having been too sick to eat. Doing dished gives me a short break from the pain. Our Father in heaven gave John strength to get me to my two surgeries (they were minor) then I’d get an extra boost when he was especially bad.  And my goodness I wish you could all meet the good people at the VA hospital. Especially the African Americans. They tuned right in- and staff, patients, clergy, nurses and my favorite a custodian, all helped me, cried, and all the African American brothers and sisters prayed with me.  John was !00% German American, I’m Scotch- Irish American and both both of those cultures are restrained and overly quiet. Yea sometimes that’s good but I learn things I wouldn’t otherwise learn from my African and Liberian American friends. I love America. I love Americans!  nancymauerman.com


I Look Great With Your Glasses Off

I Look Great With Your Glasses Off

2 thoughts on “Outsider Art My Husband Died Two Days Ago- Thank Goodness For Dish Washing

  1. Nancy you are the strongest and most kind person i know with a gentle soul.
    I’m proud to share the same last name as you. God Bless you and keep you Strong. Listen closely for John may whisper loving words to your heart and you will laugh with delite at his understandings of where he rests.
    Love you sister. See you very soon
    Marilyn Mauerman

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