Red Hots, 7-Up, And Jello Magic

In my retro younger years 7-UP came in 10 oz bottles which my mother, brother, and I shared occasionally on Saturdays. My brother Don and I begged for it every Saturday but it was too expensive. The bubbles were a mystery, and we tried to dissect the various magical tastes. We’d stare at it in our tiny glass cups and wonder how something clear could be so wonderful and decided luminous colors should have been swimming between the bubbles.
A few years later something even more wonderful happened to our family!

Red hots, 7-Up, Jello!!!
3 oz jello recipe
boil 1/2 cup water, dissolving a few handfuls of red hots at the same time
add this mixture to jello and stir until jello is dissolved
cool mixture in refrigerator but remove before it begins to jell
add 1 1/2 cups cold 7-Up gently and mix slowly so as to not loose too many bubbles.
refrigerate until firm.

We couldn’t get enough of this triple magic.
When I had children I was rich enough to let them make mud pies in my sink adding soda, vinegar, corn starch, and other oddities. They called them, “Magic Potions,” and the mixing game became are part of my children’s book, Dragon Tales, at

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