Do You Want To Be The Best In The World At Anything?

When I was Anna’s age I felt an intense obligation to be the best in our world’s history at something!  I thought everyone lived with this pull until I was thirty when every single one I asked just wanted to be average.

This is a picture of Anna, my daughter, drawn in Crayola Crayon.  At about age five I knew my accomplishments should be in music, dance, or the visual arts. And, I soon discovered I had a hard time caring a tune and I consistently clapped off beat, so music was out.  And in ballet the dancer faces forward but her feet face sideways, each in an opposite direction,   I could never pull off a true, turn out, so dance was out.

So, the visual arts were left. I was consistently ‘wrong’ in most every principle in every art class I took. BUT I didn’t give up.  Besides when you’re wrong in class you have the opportunity to turn red and learn that particular principal at a deeper level that those who are simply snickering. I’ve been planning to live to at least 135 to give me time to try for my goal.


Rest - Portrait Of A Girl

Rest – Portrait Of A Girl

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