Are We ‘What We Learn’ or ‘How We Learn?’

Every time my grown daughter sees an old photo of me I hear the same thing,”Oh, you were SO YOUNG!”
I can’t see that I’ve changed that much and I felt the same way when I saw Fred again after twenty years. Yea, he had wrinkles but the Fredness of him was still there and strong!
When I was about eight we, meaning his daughter Mandy and I, climbed her apricot tree. We acted out our game and Mandy climbed down but not me. In my defense, I’d climbed higher than Mandy, but mostly the problem was that she was intrepid; I was not.
After a great deal of talk Mandy ran to get her dad.  Fred hauled out his ladder and saved me.
Mandy has a part in my book, “If Mrs. Greeby Asks” found on Its story is about persistence, learning, and rewards, and misunderstandings and faith. A little girl says, “So now I’m drawing a picture of what didn’t happen to me over the summer  because how do you draw that your Mother tried to kill you?”
As far as getting old Is concerned, I agree with John, “I like being old. I know more than when I looked good.”

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