What Is A Bearos?

A little girl, I once knew, was driven to the pet store on her birthday. Her mother told her to wait in the car and as she waited the girl imagined the kitten she’d been begging for, or perhaps a puppy. But her mother came out and put a jumping bean in the little girl’s hand.

What a mean mamma! The little girl in my book Bearos invented  bearoses as imaginary friends who were also trouble makers. And, it’s obvious the girl had been wanting a kitten too.  nancymauerman.com

A bear and an orange toilet bowl with a goldfish swimming inside.

Bearos Washing Fish

Then I get blamed for Kitty one and Kitty two swimming in the
toilet. Everybody who watches television knows bears
love fish. And Bearos do too. Bearos were just washing
the fish water off the fish so they could eat them.

page 21

“Do you see that lady in the picture? She’s in a pink
bubble tree forest. She just climbed a tree to look for fish
but now she’s going home crying.”

page 22

“Fish are her friends but because you bought fish instead
of a kitty she saw a Bearo eat a fish. I’ve never seen bears
eat kitties on T.V. have you?”

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