You Have Power!!!

John and I studied bones and muscles every night until our eyes drooped and mouths couldn’t form words.  We’d set a timer for an hour, sleep in the floor with our books until the alarm sounded. Then we’d study until we drooped and set the alarm again.

We were in massage school. I have a strong tendency to forget nouns so I don’t test well. John was already a nurse so the study time was necessary but a review for him. Early in the morning as he drove us into school we would quiz each other. I asked him questions as I scanned a book on my lap and John quizzed me from memory and his IMAGINATION!

After a few legitimate questions he’d say, “Where dose the quatamarious-forntulation insert?”

My mind spun in panic,”What? Oh, man! I don’t remember this one either! It sounds somewhat familiar.” I say out loud, “Is it the one near the sternocleidomastoid running laterally from the mastoid process of the temporal bone to the sternum and the clavicle? Or, is it the..”

John interrupted, “Nope! I just made it up!”

Now this is where POWER comes into our story and into our relationship! I could choose rage or humor. John’s intent was never malicious so I choose humor. I married the guy and was never bored. My life sparkled like a new diamond every day because of all the surprises constantly bubbling from John’s brilliant brain!

The painting below is called Toby. He’s just been surprised. He’s an inside person who reacts to the discomfort of being surprised. But another inside person holds his hand and CHOOSES to act rather than react. He always chose humor when various times John would sneak out while I slept, move our car, then in the morning claim it was stolen again.


graphic art of a face - abstract


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