Outsider Art- Unsatiated Cookies

“Cookies taste better when I sneak them out of the cookie jar, between meals, when no one else knows, and when the cookie aren’t even mine!”

I’ve grown up with this truth but I never could get enough of those cookie lovelies to fill me! If only my neighbors would trust me with their house keys maybe then I could find contentment.

I  can eat cookies until I develop a head ache, soar stomach, and loose my appetite completely for veggies but still need sweeties.

Then, I discovered a bigger truth when I changed my hair style. I was so excited with my new self that for a long while I didn’t need to try to plug the hole in my old broken self.  Now I have a new excitement. I love veggies and enjoy cookies too but most of all I love being healthy!  And, the cookies taste better than before!  nancymauerman.com

Abstract - Outsider Art


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