Outsider Art- There’s Death In Me Still

I’m not as alive as I was a few days ago. It was a very hot day close to 100 degrees. I’d found bottles of water cooling in my refrigerator which reminded me of John. He waited for a hot day like kids wait for Christmas! His primary person was the mail lady who comes to our house at about 4:00, but he also handed out water to people collecting bottles, the homeless, and those just walking by.

So, Saturday I ran a bottle out to our substitute mail lady. She was surprised! Delighted! She rolled the cold bottle of water up and down her neck and face as she walked off. I don’t know if she ever drank it because I scampered into the house excited about life and loving John’s idea!

The seeds of death come in all forms but the lady below has just met John.

Theres Death In Me Still

Theres Death In Me Still

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