Outsider Art Quilt Disappearing Birds

The picture on this wall is of a full sized quilt. It’s hand pieced and hand quilted. The dark/light pattern is an old one called ‘bow tie’. So as to not break this dark/light pattern the birds on each bow tie are of similar in value, color, and motif. Bird and circle shapes are quilted into the light blue panels and to continue the theme, birds are appliqued onto the boarders.

I’ve made quilts for years but had never known how others made theirs. One day I overheard experienced quilters mention that all quilts have names. I found out later they were referring terns like ‘bow tie’. But that very day I pulled out my dozen or so quilts and gave them all a name, a quote from a favorite book and a piece of music! Snakes and cakes was given music from Carl Orff and a paragraph by C.S. Lewis

Disappearing Birds was matched up with ‘Was you there?” by Blind Willie Johnson and “We are all born with piles of wrapped up precious gifts. Only we can open them by obedience.” by Patrice. I love not knowing.

701 Disappearing Birds

701 Disappearing Birds

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