Outsider Art and the Zen of Rain

Do you ever list your favorite things?

Near the top on my short list is water. Snap shots of rain drops splashing or rain angling through the sky intrigue me. I love to look at single drops sitting on a leaf, I can sit for hours watching oceans roll with water. I like to drink it and play with ice. I never get tied of seeing snow fall, or the beauty of drifts and ice cycles.  I look at ice patterns on a window and know I will never see the same pattern and this again reminds me of the endless variety found in the life on this earth and the many pieces of the universe.

I love rain making everything look clean and love the smell of rain in the air and mixed with the ground. Every time it rains I feel like I’m seeing it for the first time. I need to look hard because I’m afraid it will never rain again in just this way.

Just imagine your favorite thing  falling from the sky!

Below is a valentine I made John a few years ago. He is at the top of my short list and I honored him the same way I value rain and now he’s gone for awhile.

Nancy Mauerman



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