I guess Anna’s not at all happy about getting a dress, “I think I’ll be The Mad Mermaid Queen so I don’t ever have to wear pink.” she tells us as her key is being re-pinned to the dress. I wouldn’t be happy either if I got a dress as treasure, even if I was a girl. I’ll make a flying car for my kids to be shrunk down and hang on a string, But, my mom invests holidays like Treasure Day, and no one I know has one every year so really I’m rich! But, moms can’t hang from strings and clothes can definitely, never ever be treasure.

This is page 17 from my new book, ‘The Dragon, Superman, and the Mad Mermaid Queen.’  It will be available on Amazon in a few weeks. It’s written to be read out loud so the words will ring.

When my children were small I invented holidays so each a month would have at least two. We also celebrated Rock Day, Bad Manner Day. One year Anna was dismayed to dig up a dress along with her cape on Treasure Day. Instead she would have passionately preferred to have discovered a basketball or a live dinosaur!


Superman And The Mad Mermaid Queen 1 17

Superman And The Mad Mermaid Queen 1 17

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