Unicar- Outsider Art

A new way to save! Why waste money on four tires- drive on just one. With a good strong gyroscope we should be able to pull this off.

This picture is featured  in the book Bearos found on Amazon. A girl claims dust bunnies can turn into bearos. When the beaeos won’t want to get caught causing mischief they invaporate their feet and turn into bunnies again. She tells us, “I didn’t want Mother to know I’d worn my brother’s shoes. I decide the bearo popped out his feet but they were too big for my little brother’s new shoes. When the bearo tried to walk in the shoes he broke them so now my brother can’t wear them. There’s a picture in my brother’s room of a one wheeled car. He’ll need it now his shoe are broken. ‘I didn’t do it! I’m not interested in boy shoes,’ I tell my mother from the corner.”

Unicar - Framed

Unicar – Framed

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