Outsider Art – Electrospots Tesla and Wife

The universe is formed by opposites. The death of one form of energy is the creation of new one.   Opposites form this painting as the light female is cradled by the dark male and each of their edges create the form of the other. We see electricity against quiet surroundings, the shinny surface of the gold paint is balanced by a dull surface. The warm figures balance a cool colored background and saturated hues against mixed colors.

I was raised with a brother who was a Tesla fan and I married a man who echoed his passion. Both men loved magnets and had playful imaginations and wouldn’t mind the symbols I used; the wife (because Tesla wasn’t married), the magnets and dominoes tied to shoes, and the bolt of lightning.

My brother and husband have entered an after life world. As I wait to live with them again I wonder did their families there throw them a baby shower as they entered their new lives?

Electrospots Tesla And Wife – Framed

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