Grape Vine Mandala

For over thirty years I’ve been saving money so I could use it to promote my art in some way. I invested it then met Amy who became the computer side of my art business. I love the free enterprise system where I can save, invest, invent, then PAY Amy. I love paying her.

I study balance so below we see two circles- one in and one out side. The circles are graphic shapes in contrast to the organic vine shape. Quiet areas demand equal attention as the two forms.

I’m reminded of a sweater I liked at the  store and bought, even though it was too big. At home I had to try it on but it wasn’t for me.  It did fit Amy and It’s her favorite color. So I gave it to her.

I love balance and I love capitalism so I can collect money, use it and share it.- Today I greeted her at the door saying,”You’re wearing my sweater.” Her  eyes sparkled, “No. It’s my sweater.” She paused, “It takes a village to own a sweater!”


Mandala 1

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