Ever Wonder Why People Don’t Kiss Snakes?

The Mad Mermaid Queen, Superman, And A Dragon 2: Root Animals

White roots are for some reason dangling dangerously down from the ceiling, and Anna says, “See those ghost tails?” I’m thinking; that’s silly so I shake my head, “Ghosts don’t have tails.” “Do so; they’re leftovers from dead snakes!” she says.

I say, “Ah, snakes are animals with scales, and they have heads stuck on long bodies… no tails!” My mad mermaid sister stands up, “Nope, they have heads on tails with no bodies, that’s why nobody likes snakes.” I say, “What? All I can say is; what?” She grins and nods as if she knows everything, “Snake teeth roll out of their mouths like rope ladders, so that’s why nobody will kiss them, and my facts are better than yours because yours ran out of words!”

I bite my lips and look up at the ceiling for Anna’s silly brain. “I don’t mean to be unkind, but your ideas sometimes sting, as they surprise me sideways, inside my mind.”

This is lifted from my new book, which will be available soon, and reminds me of my dead husband. “I worried when you were excited to paint flying snakes on our living room ceiling,” he told me, “but it turned out okay.” I love that he didn’t react, exploding with anger, when my ideas stung him sideways inside his mind!

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