Mind Play and Accountability

An idea comes to my mind, “Make a tiny dragon for my eight year old friend, Matthew.” Immediately this morphs into, “I can make little dragons for his brother and two sisters!” Before this thought is even crystalized the next one comes, “Make forty five dragons! One for each kid at church!’
This last imaged image crashes me to the floor, “How can I do THAT? Okay,” I say to myself, “Impossible! Throw the entire deadly idea out!”
I’ve noticed my mind loves to play and stretch ideas, but almost immediately a different part of my brain kicks in and says, “I’m accountable to DO them all!” Next, I panic and throw everything out.
Recently I’ve learned to let my mind play THEN I pull back and say, “I am not ACCOUNTABLE to do them all! Okay, which set of ideas do I actually execute?” In particular this dragon idea I made only Matthew’s dragon, but occasioonally the thought comes to me to do big jobs. In those cases I always have the strength to follow through.

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