Notice Good Or Lose It

I was married for about a year still basking a warm glow and soft fuzzies when I got the challenge. “Tell each member of your family seven things you like about them.” I was startled to find I could think of nothing not even ONE thing!
I realized I was so busy finding ways to improve everything and everyone around me and go forward that I didn’t realize and enjoy what I had.
I and some of my friends belong to the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Dat Saints, and we believe we will be with our families after this mortal life. One friend, a widow, told me she misses her husband and can’t wait to be with him again, but she knows as soon as she’s with him she’ll miss her kids and grandkids.
My solution: look for good in those around you and TELL them. As an artist I’ve found I sometimes develop a skill but I don’t noticed I have it. It takes someone else to see it and verbalize it. Unless my new ability is pointed out to me it’s often LOST and so never developed. An added bonus: as I find good in others, my life fills up with the riches and goodness I see.

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