Count Time In Minutes Or Validity?

Cultures, who don’t write down figures or read, see babies before they’re born and see and live with “dead” family members who live in trees next to their house.
Some homeless, not using their right brain (logical) capacities, know all about a new person at a moment’s glance.
Saturday I rushed past my neighbor without saying hello, so on Thursday I said, “Yesterday I ignored you. I apologize.”
“Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away.” The troubles were gone on more than one day.
Stories of older times in Russia, America, and Europe tell something like this one found in, ‘The Highwayman’, by Craig Johnson. One night a woman finds a man in her teepee. They are intimate, but she fells somewhat uncomfortable. Reaching over to a pot of paint she dips her hand and smears red on his back. She finds she’s pregnant, so she inspects each man of her tribe and finds no red mark. The woman is out in the woods and encounters a wolf with a red mark on his back. The woman is uncomfortable, so she picks up a heavy stick and hits the wolf in the head. At home she finds a handsome man in her teepee. He carries a wound on his head. He is her son.
Time at the quantum physics level is the same as time within galaxies.

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