Homeless Man Gives Me Food

I only pass his way a few times a month and usually only give him a hand shake and wish him well. Yesterday he sent me home with a big bag full of warm food. A charity organization had dropped off three bags, and he couldn’t eat it all. I passed the food on to a church which regularly feeds the poor. My homeless gentleman friend and I laughed because he gave ME food.

Be Awake; What Did I Do With My Life?

My friend would ask his son; “What do you want for Christmas?”, later, “What do you want for your birthday?”, and, “When is your next wrestling match?” For the longest time the young man had only one answer, “I don’t know.”
When Christmas rolled around again my friend nailed together a strange and useless contraption, wrapped it up, and put it under the tree. The family made sure this strange thing was unwrapped last. The young man opened it, was greatly puzzled, pulled and pushed at it, and finally asked, “What is it?” The entire family answered with the stale term, “I don’t know!”
My friend then encouraged a group of us to set a goal, LISTEN for messages as we worked on it, next to follow through on the messages, and lastly to record the experience.
By doing this we would not, at the end of the day or week, say, “What did I do with my life?” and answer, “I don’t know!”

Cancer- God And I At Play

About three and a half years ago God and I played. Over and over I had been thinking, “It’s not of great importance, but I would like to lose a little weight only three or four pounds. This was simply a thought and not verbalized for weeks then another though occurred to me, “Go ahead and say it out loud.”
So I did. I explained in prayer losing a little weight had been on my mind (and of course He knew that), and I didn’t consider it to be of high importance.
Within a week I was diagnosed with cancer. “Yea!” I thought, “That will do it!” A strong thought also came that I would be completely all right. The thought was so strong I had no doubts: unusual for me.
The diagnoses and reassurance may have been the most important part, but maybe not. I still laugh out loud to have committed myself verbally and received an answer so quickly!

How Can I Help? Leadership – A New Idea

I’ve worked under leaders whose goals were to constantly invent more to do and to point out a lack in performance.
On the other hand, one leader met with me regularly with two questions: what went well, and what would you improve? I NOTICED my actions good and weak. The result: I modified my skills into improvements, and I stretched creatively and sometimes with trepidation. It was exciting- exhilarating!
Another leader became my servant with all her questions and actions leading to only one goal- to help me become sucessful.

I’m Overly Mature

Last year I was mature therefore wise. This year I’ve grown overly mature and far beyond wise into a new world of forgetfulness.
I leave notes on the floor to remind myself of jobs to be done and events to see to, but my cat Formica Dinette Patrice Foxford Mauerman is a neat freak. She hates items left where they should not be and points by nodding her head at things left out of place, or not picked up.
As I grow further beyond wise, I’m very glad for my cat’s house keeping skills. I’m maturing into forgetting I’ve even put notes on the floor! Thank goodness I have a bobble headed cat.

Very Young Kids Understand Shakespeare

I read Shakespeare plays, King Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory and other classics to my two children starting when they were six and three. No they did not sit still mesmerized into silence. I read to them while they were eating.
One story told of a knight who approached a bridge guarded by, if I remember correctly, monsters. A shield used as a sign explained to prevent monsters from attacking as you crossed the bridge a person was to strike the shield which would call a knight. If the knight who owned the bridge was beaten in battle the bridge could safely be used.

This was a lunch story and as the day continued I noticed my son and our dog, Cardinal Wolsey, were glued to the couch and constantly staring out our picture window. As time passed and my son was still stationed at the window, I asked him about this. He pointed to the back of a board outside and in front of our house. I went outside and found it was a large sign hand printed in a child’s hand but clear to be read. It was prominently placed, and pointing at anyone passing by. It read, “Whoever hiteth this shield will getteth what he deserveth” My son waited all day but no one hiteth his sign.

Get Well Amys

Get well Amys. No that is not a spelling error; Two of my Amys need get well prayers right now.
A couple of years ago my sewing group contained five ladies named Amy, and five Annettes and few others. One evening we were all chattering away but mostly focusing on our sewing projects when someone opened the door and called, “Amy?” Without looking up about half the group answered, “Yes?” Then we all looked up startled…and laughed.

I’m Very Important; I’m a Victim!

I’m feeling insignificant and without purpose. This used to happen to people of middle age; the solution was to buy a sports car.
We’re taught in school to evaluate ourselves as discontent; the solution is two fold.
To cure discontent we need to discover to what extent and to the greatest extent possible how much a victim we are. I, myself, am somewhat important because I’m a female, I’m a victim because I’ve been abussed in my family and by men in the work place, and one of my foremothers was a native American. Also, I’m an artist. I spend all day every day making things to look at that no one wants to see. There should be a law! My neighbors spend a great deal of money on music but none on art. A lack of cultural appreciation makes me a victim. People should be forced to by my art!
There are many in my communitee that can count up so many more points of victimhood; they are so much more important than I!
I also need a purpose in life! The solution is to complain and be offended! I’ll make a long list of offences in every direction, and to really find satisfaction I’ll go on a protest march and distroy something! Ah, I feel so much better!