The Mad Mermaid Queen, Superman and a Dragon

The Gold Key is the first book in a series called The Mad Mermaid Queen, Superman, and a Dragon. The four books are written as an Iliad and Odyssey for children.  The poem stories are written in rhyme, and with rhythm, assonance, and alliteration.  The poem stories are best read out loud and tell of a brother and sister who discover a  long journey and adventure. The words vibrate in the reader’s mouth as we step into a new world.

Often we eat ice cream fast but savor chores we hate. By slowly reading to children we  echo the value this poem places on family love, on reading, and on reading to children, and the word play tickles the read’s mouth and the listen’s ears.

The Mad Mermaid Queen, Superman, And A Dragon

Mothers, Do You Want Kids With Jumping Bean Heads?

Each jumping bean below is as empty as my friend, who has a hole in her head. The little bug ate its way out and the bean will no longer move. Once upon a time a mommy stopped at a pet store saying, “Stay in the car and I’ll bring you a birthday present! I’ll finally get you that pet you’ve been begging for!”

The child waited and dreamed of puppies, kittens, and bunnies. The ‘mom’ brought out a jumping bean!

The six jumping beans below are drawn in children’s Crayola Crayon. What is it that great people (people with major talents and skills) have in common? Year after year, researchers have studied accomplished people’s diets, types of education, personal discipline programs, and more. Every study comes to the same conclusion: Their moms have spent a great deal of good time with them.

Be FAMOUS-Do Nothing

Create a unique car, never before seen, and the salesman says, “I’m famous because I’ve learned about the car, I’ve communicated, and I’ve sold it! I am famous!”

The same thing is happening in the art world where the gallery people say, “The artist conceived of something new, created the thing, but they are nothing. It is I who actually turned the picture into art when I communicated and convinced a buyer to buy it!”

In the book, ‘The Memory of Blood’, by Christopher Fowler a character explained that when he was young the youth of the day aspired to be nurses and policemen. To be of service and fulfill a duty. Now people want to be famous for doing nothing!

The painting below is called, Cranberry Queen of Portland.

Snake Up a House Tree

A few miles away lives a small simple house which looked as if  a big full- sized pine tree grew straight up out the living room’s pointed roof! I thought, “I must have seen that wrong. I must have seen a tree growing close behind the house and merged the two images in my crazy mind.’

What I thought I saw was correct! I never did knock on the door asking to see inside. I’m still too busy inventing various interior decorating scenarios. How did the human inhabitants close off the holes, floor and ceiling, around the big trunk? Did they hang traditional red barns or tree pictures on their walls?

I’d add sky lights at the top and open them so the lizards or snakes, who lived with me inside, could step out to sun themselves or grab a bite to eat. Then the critters would scramble back in, so I could rub each one under his chin.

Flowers Are Words That Say, “I’m Sorry!”

My dead husband had nothing against flowers. He simply disliked the words they spoke. John claimed flowers said, “I’m sorry for what I did,” or “Love me now, because I’m soon going to cause trouble.”

Amy maintains the computer part of my childrens’ books and my Outsider Art business. One day John heard us trade survival ideas. In case we lose electricity we should; store food, water, other items, and use a new, never before used, toilet plunger to wash clothes in our bath tubs.

John shopped ahead, and on the next holiday (still feeling traditional flower- type gifts were inappropriate) he gave Amy and I both TOILET PLUNGERS!

John died two years, and a few days, ago. On holidays, when many people decorate graves of those they love with flowers, I splash water instead. John enjoyed a good flower but his passion was his old 1984 Toyota truck. The splashing shapes below and washing John’s truck are words that say, “I love you John. I’m looking forward to being with you again!”

My neighbor Faun brought me homemade spring rolls.
“Enjoy my retired!”
I like her terminology.

Single Pensive in Crayola Crayon

I read Shakespeare’s plays to my children when they were three and six. I read while  they ate lunch because it was the only time those two could sit still. Great literature was new to me so I stumbled over Mr. Shakespeare’s words and rhythms.

Even so, Paul and Anna named our independent, terrier puppy Cardinal Wolsey. One day ‘pensive’ was our new word, and Paul flopped his chin down on top of his fist and called out, “I’m pensive!” Then he slipped his second fist under his chin and announced, “I’m double pensive!!”


Double Pensive

Reminder From Dead Husband

My dead husband once said, “Everything I hear reminds me of me.”

We can  consume all that is around us, then let our bones vibrate to Mossorgsky, next we cannot sit still while contemplating quantum physics. Our energy can be still, almost petrified, while confronting something new. Our souls shrink from bad and our cells ring with the good.  It’s then we are awake as is Sally below.