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The Mad Mermaid Queen, Superman, And A Dragon
       (The Gold Key)

by Nancy Mauerman

This transition book bridges from picture books to chapter books. it is best to read out loud. Paul tells us a story with rhyming and rhythm, a story of family, home, and treasure.  His words feel as good in my mouth as chocolate cookies with worms on top.

Paperback and Kindle Editions available

The Mad Mermaid Queen, Superman, And A Dragon
                  (The Gold Key) cover

The Magic Suit
by Nancy Mauerman

A child may crave adventure but not yet have the skills to read chapter books. The few simple words in 'The Magic Suit' tell of a young boy given a bright red, toe to head, magic suit! He discovers powers by pushing the buttons on his left sleeve but will he have the power to save his mother and his home from total annihilation? Simple vivid pictures are full of the joy of flight and the dread of doom.

Paperback and Kindle Editions available

The Magic Suit cover
Anna's Robin
by Nancy Mauerman

I’ve seen smoke bubble up from the bottom of the ocean and warm the sea. I’ve seen fish slurp down stars and I’ve seen dark mountains throw blue shadows onto sunset colors, high in the sky.

This story poem mixes wonders of nature with fantasy. Anna shrinks to mouse size and rides on her robin’s back to a hollow plum tree where she and her other robin friends all dance the tango. Afterword they fly through mountain shadows in the sky and go from one gentle adventure to another. Koi feed on their left over animal cracker crumbs and as the stars reflect on the water above the fish it looks to Anna as if the koi are slurping down stars. Then sweet Anna and her robin friends all float in an ocean warmed by smoke bubbles.

Anna is cherished. Cozy feelings of being loved bubble through and permeate each page. Beautiful colored pictures, spiced with fun, grow from the rhymes and plump up in noisy colors.

Paperback and Kindle Editions available

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Chickens In Birthday Suits
by Nancy Mauerman

I‘m a chicken you can trust, so you can believe me when I recommend this children’s picture book to all hens and their people. The acrylic paintings are very chickeny, full of watery color, and in your face good, especially the ones of me. I’ll tell you about my best, human-friend, Jillian, and my chicken family’s Hatch Day party and that sometimes everybody has fun except the Birthday Bird! That was me because I thought I was going to starve to death. Oh yes, I had a little cake, but I just pecked a tiny piece of that stuff so I wouldn’t hurt Jillian’s feelings, and the situation definitely got worse and worse and I got hungrier and hungrier but I didn’t die.

Paperback and Kindle Editions available

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by Nancy Mauerman

This is the first of two stories about Kathy, fully illustrated in color by the author. Kathy explains to us her true and deep understanding of something her mother does not know; how the real world works.

Kathy reasons out an explanation for the shenanigans going on at her house which is; mothers all over the neighborhood invite creatures into their homes, her mother being no exception, and those creatures are responsible for removing most all of the frosting from Dad's big birthday cake, NOT KATHY.

Paperback and Kindle Editions available

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Dragon's Tale
by Nancy Mauerman

Has your tongue ever been slathered in saliva for earth worm chocolate chip cookies?

Anna understands how this can be but her brother Paul would not believe it...

For the longest time.

Paperback and Kindle Editions available

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Eagles And Banana Peels
by Nancy Mauerman

Families are wonderful and Grandma’s energy shakes up her household like a toad shakes up a mouth full of moth but Grandpa is never shaken until he discovers banana peels falling from the sky.

Paperback and Kindle Editions

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Gracie's Grandfather Makes Mischief
by Nancy Mauerman
I’ve never seen a perfect family but this one is wonderful. Gracie’s Grandfather solves his problems with flare; one being that he thinks there are too many snakes in his house so he unshops a few. Gracie takes skratchie for a walk, and with her grandfather’s creativity she doesn’t need a leash. Grandfather's second challenge is even bigger; he can’t seem to learn what he teaches.

Paperback and Kindle Editions available

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If Mrs. Greeby Asks
by Nancy Mauerman
Clairie’s bike was too big to ride and she fell off again, “How would you like it if I had to put one of my eyes in a purse and hang it from my left ear?” she asked her mother, who was mixing the toilet.
Clairie had problems, one after another, and she was looking forward to summer for a little relief but when it came it wasn’t any better, in fact it progressed down into deep devastation when she found evidence her mother was trying to get rid of her.
She had a choice; follow her logical mind or her trusting mind.
Which would she choose?

Paperback and Kindle Editions available

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