Chickens Answer Questions

Jillian a friend of mine has four chicken friends for whom she gives a party on each of their birthdays. The party is at the park, Jillian brings all her hens and invites human friends who bring wrapped up presents of strawberries, bananas, bugs and worms. Jillian provides a big cake, balloons, hats and she leads the Happy Birthday song then a parade.

I asked, “Is the parade big?” “Oh yes,” she says, “Most everyone in the park has already come over to ask questions. ‘What are they; ducks?’ the people ask and they want to touch the chickens and  they follow our parade around the jogging trail and ask other strange things.”

To hear more of the strange question asked and get some of the answers the chickens have given in return read Chickens in Birthday Suits. Its free for a few more days at Amazon as an Ebook. A chicken quilt will be awarded to someone who answers a question at the back of the book in a humorous way. Send your answers to this blog and to see the quilt refer to my blog on July 14. Thanks for your responses.

From the children's book 'Chickens In Birthday Suits'

From the children’s book ‘Chickens In Birthday Suits’

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