I Got Kissed By a Homeless Guy

It was several years ago as my husband and I stood in front of our house saying good- bye to a friend who was getting in his car. I called a, ‘hello,’ across the street to a homeless man and gave him a short wave. Immediately the man veered our way! He made a diagonal detour, crossed the street, and pointed his path straight at me! When he got close he reached forward and took my hand! As he held it he asked, “Why did you say that?”
“Well,” I answered, “…because you’re a person and I’m a person.”
He smiled and replied, “You’re a child of God and I’m a child of God.” and he leaned forward and kissed my cheek. My husband jumped to attention and stepped forward
to provide protection if needed, but the man returned to the other side of the street and resumed his journey.
When my husband returned from the war’s jungles he stayed in a small windowless room for two years before he could gradually reenter the outside life. Luckily that room was within his parents home.
I too had an isolated two year period. Luckily my best friend took me in.
I doubt if this man remembers that afternoon kiss, but I do. I will never forget all he taught me.

Let Me Ask You Something; Do You Like Ice Cream?

What do you like the most: strawberry ice cream or filling out a tax form?
I had always thought my answer would be ice cream, but I slurp it down fast.  A person would think I’d been ordered to consume my ice cream at gun point!
I eat ice cream fast, but an unpleasant job I put off over and over. I spin that terrible job over and over through my head with dread! It’s as if I’m not allowed away from the table until I consume my double childhood nemesis; slimy cooked spinach swimming in cold vinegar or tough stringy fried parsnips!

There’s something wrong when I spent a great deal of extra time SAVORING the unpleasant!

I Am Rich. Thanks Dame Hadid!

I love Dame Zaha Hadid. Yes I don’t know every aspect of her life and personality but I admire her buildings, interiors, and shoes, sculpture, her jewelry. I’d love to build a statue of her, honoring her skills and vision.
No I don’t want a statue of Zaha Hadid to worship her! I love that we are all different!The statue would say her building skills and imagination are better than mine! I am rich because of Dame Zaha.

The Phisics of Failure- Learn From Both Sides of Life

Someone told me, “I learn less from my successes; more when I fail.” Failures are an opportunity to stand back, evaluate, and LEARN.
Another friend habitually asked me, “What went well today? What would you improve?”
Now: rather than blow on my fingernails, polish them on my shoulder, and declare, “I’m wonderful”, or throw both hands up, plop down, and pout and say “I failed”, I can learn from both sides of life. There is opposition in all things.

Am I Crazy Or Is This A Quilt?

My neighbor doesn’t get it! “Why do you cut up fabric in little pieces just so you have to sew them together again? Why don’t you just go buy a blanket?”

I answer, “It’s a quilt. My grandma made them too.”

“But why didn’t you both just go buy blankets?”

“I answer but don’t explain very well, “It’s a quilt! It took me almost a year to create the design, cut out all the pieces, and hand- sew them together, then I put a layer of fluff filling behind it, then I add a back piece of fabric, then finally I sew the three layers together. It’s a piece of art! It’s a quilt!!!

I look at her like she’s crazy. She looks at me like I’m crazy, shakes her head, and she walks away muttering, “Why didn’t she just go buy a blanket?” Faun was born in another country and her grandmother didn’t make quilts. When I see me from Faun’s eyes I look UNHINGED!   I laugh because I love to see life from different sides.

I Lost 50 Years In Appearance!

If my husband found a shirt he liked; he’d buy 12 exactly the same, and he used this same idea for the rest his wardrobe. I buy only one and if I like that piece of  clothing I patch hole after hole, and wear the patched piece of clothing until threads can no longer hold the patches together.

People often walk to lose weight, but today by the end of my walk I had lost YEARS off my life instead of pounds! A several blocks from home the ancient elastic in my waist band decided it could no longer hold up my skinny pants. I grabbed my waist band, but already the potion of my pants, where the legs came together, was hovering just above my knees! I must have appeared to anyone driving by on my busy street to have been 50 years younger than I really was and made my living as part of a hip hop band!

The picture below is from, ‘Magic Suit’. It’s an adventure book for boys and action seeking girls; a beginning reader. When Paul puts on his suit he flies, shoots out rockets, and even saves his mother’s life.


Running Through Clouds.

Pieces Of The Eclipse Roll Them Where You Want Them

At my home I saw mostly all but not quite a full eclipse.

As the eclipse was just about to wane I,

I walked, gleefully passing,

through trying to,

stomp on,



Stretching across the sidewalk, the spots of light,

fell from between quivering leaves above.

Thrown by the crescent sun, casting,

crescent shaped shadows,

onto the,



As I played in the tree shadows,full of holes I saw,

I also was punctured full of holes,

caused by damage,

and deeds,

not yet,



Lights from my family, friends and,

neighbors are casting,

beautiful shapes,

through me,

onto the,


Three Flying Chairs, My Husband, and a Church

I have friends who are six and some who are older than me,

and one friend who is even 103.

I have a male friend, a teen, who stood by my side,

when my husband died,

and he held fast  me while I cried.

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints so I have friends of all ages. I hand made the quilt below while my husband was still with me in body. The quilt shows my husband with some of his young friends as they fly through the air in chairs.


Deep Fried Platypuses, Miniture Vampires And The Portrait Of The Envelope Operator- OUTSIDER ART

If this is a portrait of you; why are you sitting on an open drawer? Are you all alone? Is the next drawer above you, also open, filled with spoons, spices, heavy with rare coins, or packed full of deep fried platypuses?

People are peeking out through holes in your clothing so let me ask you: are these people you, from ages past? Do you, as a six year old, sometimes play with your food while sitting in a four star restaurant because you’re again six and decided you don’t like the taste of something, although it had a pretty name on the menu? Do you pile the stuff up in an impressive mound then dive bomb it with your desert fork?

Perhaps those living with you, inside your clothing, are friends and enemies who have affected and formed you? Are they different functions and personality traits of yours? Maybe they’re zombie vampires eating away at you from the inside? Maybe their names are Smoking, or Over Eating Brownies, or Alice?


Are the white spots in the sky area clouds or giant popcorn pieces? Have the popcorn appendages, the popcorns’ arms and legs, blown off the main kernel, or have they been snapped off by the alligator, or startled into space by the strange sun?

Are flowers falling from an overhead moon or are red apples pierced by green pencils raining down from popcorn clouds?