The Shoe Isn’t Important The Run Is

My friend wears a tiny horse on her necklace because she loves horses. I love big pieces of cake. What is important to you?

A teacher showed me this: don’t buy furniture to match the room. Don’t  paint a room to match the furniture.

Rather I was to paint a picture so powerful I would tear out walls to house the art properly. I would want to paint them to support the picture and buy or remove furniture to accentuate it. The shoe isn’t important. The run is.

My cats are so excited when I bring home a big bag of cat food. I’d be excited too if my person brought home a twelve foot high bag of donuts.

I Am The Center Of The Universe- Outsider Art

“Nancy, you’re not the center of the universe….I am!” John used to tell me.

The title of the picture below is, Light Logic In The Clouds. The viewer is the light source therefore the cloud at eyelevel is illuminated straight on. The cloud overhead is lit from underneath and the cloud low in the sky is lit from on top.

Perhaps John was wrong! In a way I am the center of the universe.

Of everyone and of everything in the universe only I am responsible for who I am and for how I respond to good, bad, and mostly placid happenings around me.


Light Logic In The Clouds

Quarks Scribble Into Anna

It amazes me how many tiny quarks spin around, like scribbles, and work together to make parts of atoms. Some atoms spin around and decide to work together as cells of Anna.  Inside Anna, tiny wiggling animals and plants becoming essential parts of my daughter’s digestion, brain, and sparling eyes.

Anna as a child, wearing a red hat.