Invidious Tree In Opera Gloves

The tree is wearing a set of white opera gloves, we see a glove covered branch holding a mirror in this painting. The tree bends her trunk to catch her reflection. If I were her I wouldn’t be impressed with my small eyes, they’re squinting almost shut thinking an invidious thought.  From where we stand we see the lower portion of a circle in the sky. The circle is formed by flying trees and the upper part of this circle is reflected in the mirror.

Once I watched a nature program in which the narrator mentioned a man in Mexico who studies trees communicating to each other through their roots. Often they “talk” together and “decide” to help another tree in their midst by sending it food or moving their upper branches to give it extra sun. This gives a new slant to the word hierarchy doesn’t it?  (In English the first part of the word hier archy sounds like ‘high’ as in moving high branches aside, the end of the word implies one group is more important than another.) Nematodes in the soil carry messages from one individual’s roots to the others’. The trees sometimes decide they don’t like another tree and cut off its sun and send bad chemicals through the nematodes soil to it.

I hope the man in Mexico studies why some trees are treated with animosity. Did these tree individuals do something or communicate through their roots something invidious, in other words, did they do or say something to incur this anger and resentment?

Invidious Tree In Opera Gloves - Framed

Invidious Tree In Opera Gloves – Framed

Shoes Made of Cake

Once I looked up at a college wall where people had taped advertisements and saw something glorious; “dessert shoes for sale $10.00”.

Immediately my mind saw round pink frosting rings on the floor. They were left by four layer cakes, chocolate, surrounding both my of feet and half way to my knees. Dogs would follow me everywhere. I wondered if I could get them with five inch heels. I didn’t have ten dollars but the idea was so delicious I pulled my friend from his project and I was speechless so I pointed to the sign. “What?” he said, “You need desert shoes?  Boots would be better.”

What a disappointment, but I never lost the visual image in my mind and the dream.

Dessert Shoes - Framed

Dessert Shoes – Framed

Bieber And The Levitating Oranges Of Borneo

Bieber down there can’t believe what he sees.  He’s saying, “Is that real? I’ve never seen oranges like that before.”

As I have mentioned before I hire my friend Amy to put pictures, like this one below, on my blog, my site, Fine Art America, and Zazzle. Yesterday on Zazzle Amy faced a similar situation except this time she was one of the levitating oranges. She and I spent an hour fitting one of my pictures to various products then Amy faced the captcha section where she had to prove she was REAL, not a machine.

I looked at her fast to see if she was the Velveteen Rabbit, that stuffed toy in the kid’s book of the same name, who at the end of the story became a real rabbit. Low and behold! Amy hadn’t velveteened; she was still real, but  she did have two ears and he was even slightly orange.

Levitating Oranges Of Borneo In Mink - Framed

Levitating Oranges Of Borneo

John Up A Tree – Framed

John spent a great deal up his childhood up a  tree. Another of his interests, and one he still has, is light. He accumulates candles, oil lamps and flashlights by the pounds around here. Our children get at least one flashlight every Christmas and have for years and years.

Around the outside of the frame are some of his worn out flashlights  dressed up in flashlight clothes and the spots around the picture of the tree are clear plastic pushpins that reflect light. Cancelled postage stamps are near the inner edge of the frame with small action figure tucked under it’s edge under the glass.

John Up A Tree - Framed

John Up A Tree – Framed

Harry Potter Spotted In Portland Oregon?

Little kids twist around and search my eyes for truth. “Are you him?” they whisper and seem so filled with reverence they’re almost afraid to speak. I always know who they’re referring to; Harry Potter.

I wear round black glasses and because of them I get to meet very young people. I’ve worn glasses from the time I was four and have always hated them until now. Things despised can become benefits like holes.

“Oh, no! There’s a second hole! Oh, no! Now there’s thirteen holes!” This might be bad if you’re wandering through the Sahara and find leaks in your canteen.

To some people when clouds break into pieces they see sun. To others of us who love the rain chinks in the dark clouds are viewed with disdain.

Blue Holes - Framed

Blue Holes – Framed

Marilyn Monroe Argues Over An Avocado

We don’t squabble over things like the last half of an avocado. It’s sitting open faced around it’s seed in the frig., so I tell John, “If you’re hungry, don’t forget the avocado.” “Thanks,” he says, “but if you’re hungry first you can have it; I’ll buy another one.”  “No, no,” I answer, You like them better than I do.”

We’ve been verbally passing the thing back and forth so long the conversation began to take on the trappings of a dare,”You can eat it.” “Oh, thank you very much. You eat it.” Then as the avocado dried and shriveled into leather, “You’d probably like that avocado better if you put a full spectrum light bulb in the refrigerator first and let the thing sprout roots and grow.”  “Yea,” he said, “You  take it’ you’d have something else to bonsai.”

The picture below shows how delighted I am to have a marriage that anti- argues over produce.

Sally - Framed

Snake Box

Thinking bibically of snakes some say, “Ooo. Bad,”  but I like the story of Moses in the desert and when flying serpents bit the people Moses was told to make two brass snakes, fasten them to the top of his staff representing the Lord, and if the people would look to the Lord and look at the snaky staff they didn’t die of snake bite.

Snake Box - Framed

Snake Box – Framed