Take Mom to Class Day

When John returned home from Vietnam he stayed with his parents. Soon he was in college. He’s ever learning , as was his Mother, so its only logical that when a lecture course was good every day became “Bring Your Mom to School Day”.
The joys and learning opportunities of families are the main subjects in the books I write for ancient kid’s and infant adults at Amazon.   nancymauerman.com


On a warm sunny day I was under my grape vine and I felt a fine mist on the back of my neck, “It’s going to rain!” I gleefully told John.
We looked up;not a cloud. Now, let me tell you at this point it can be sunny in Portland and still pour down rain from a compact cloud over another part of town. (John used to call his Mother and exclaim, “It rains sideways here!”)                                                                    But in this case- NO CLOUDS.
We held out our hands and felt nothing of course and went back to my place under the grape leaves and it was lightly sprinkling. Looking up we saw hundreds of tiny droplets, launching like jewels against the sky. They shot through the sky in arches maybe five inches in every direction from the tip of each of the grape vine’s new translucent growth.
The vines were spitting. I look forward to this every year.   nancymauerman.com

60’s Tight Pants

Any male my age can easily rate the comfort level of the skin tight pants of the 60’s. John is delighted with today’s baggy pants with one exception. The other day he was standing on one leg trying to put a second limb down a pant leg but it got stuck half way down. John fell on the floor with one denim leg empty, flopping in the air, and the other twice full and straight up!
Let me tell you, that never happened in the 60’s. The good old days were only good in some ways but not as funny.    nancymauerman.com

Dresden Files for Kid’s

I was rewriting one of the “Superman and the Bad Mermaid Queen” books this morning and I realized my novels for little kids create a new world without leaving this one as do Jim Butcher’s books. Anna the B.M.Q., tells her brother about Leafman (already as a series on Amazon called “Leafman Attacks“) and says,”Leafman’s so bad his leaves die. All his green sticks turn brown because they don’t want to be part of his body; no one likes him, not even his Mother will give him a box of dirt on his Birthday. and they say he wanted to marry a black widow spider but to get away from him she ate herself.”
The Dresden Files are new to our house; John and I love them!  My books are Dresden-like picture books, see Amazon.com.    nancymauerman.com

Little Bugs, Big Problem and Molasses

I have a big plant room that is infected with little bugs; scales. My plants are dieing and so as I’ve looked for a solution I decided to spray them with watered down molasses. What a beautiful mess! It drips on everything, smells good too, and let me tell you what lovely things it does to my hair; gives it shine, spikes it and never drys so I can reshape it often.
Little bugs being a big problem reminds me of a story I wrote about a grandmother with 102 boxes of plant eating bugs, ” Leafman Attacks.”    nancymauerman.com

Thoughts on Blogs and Off to the Side Thoughts

Thanks so much for your comments.
I find it entertaining and challenging to make a statement in as few words as possible; perhaps to my balance verbal ramblings; just ask John. He’s always told me he doesn’t mind, but before all you females out there get the fuzzies he added, “Don’t worry, it really doesn’t bother me, I’m a guy. Guys don’t listen anyway.”
Back to blog thoughts; I’ve got to thank Amy, who computerizes my pictures and stories, for young adults and old children, into book form (found on Amazon).

I Need Peanut Butter!

I was young in the early fifties when all children played outside until the street lights lit up. We played in every single front yard, on both sides of the street, as if they were all one long play area and we owned it. Before he was school age my younger brother would regularly notice he was hungry, step out of the play, climb the steps of the closest house most handyhouse, pound on the door, and say, “I NEED PEANUT BUTTER!!” As far as could tell he always got it too. What a guy!  nancymauerman.com


One of my fist memories is being fenced in my backyard and waiting for my neighbors’ father to come home. Mine worked nights and I seldom saw him. Katie Rain was my age, her sister older, but it wasn’t them I needed; it was their entire family. So Every afternnoon I remember asking to go outside. I waited in position peering through the twisted wire that separated me from the FAMILY.
The instant Mr. Bernie Rain pulled in his driveway his girls bounced out the house and I frantically dug under the fence with my spoon. He’d hug his kids then his wife then ME!
Monday through Friday in spite of my mother’s newly placed bricks and rocks I’d dig a new hole under the fence to be there. The feeling of family is important    nancymauerman.com