A Secret Trip- Outsider Art

We, the viewer, stand under a cloud that is supported by four long legs on wheels. The man we stare at is moving from under another cloud on wheels. A cloud in the back has its leg captured by a golden chain.

The giant man is wearing a house around his neck and his eyes reflect a house on legs and the man wears trees on his shirt. But, what dose it MEAN? When I painted it it symbolized several ideas but now it means something entirely different to me! I’d love to hear from you. Does this crazy man bring any thoughts to mind?

A Secret Trip

A Secret Trip

Can Roots Fly? – Outsider Art

I painted roots flying through the clouds in a circle.  They’re painted behind a few of my favorite root friends whom I’d dug out of my garden.

You may say roots can’t fly and they shouldn’t be referred as ‘whom’ because they aren’t persons. But…I now know slime molds live as single individuals until they run out of food.  Then they move together, assign various tasks to certain ones, smell the air and move toward food, even change directions.  Trees talk to each other by sending chemical messages to nematodes who deliver the message to other trees. I communicate because of chemical messages too.

As for flying- I’m hoping to see groups of trees fly through the atmosphere of other planets. There is no right nor wrong in interpretating pictures so I’d love to hear from you. Are trees important to you or do the roots become a symbol of learning, your family, tulips, or history of transportation down through the ages?


Root - Framed

Root – Framed