Do You Have Inside People?

Don’t we all have inside people?

One person listened to my son, when he was young, while at the very same time another heard my daughter. The first said something sympathetic to my son then created a run-one sentence to answer my daughter, while another one of me washed dishes and planned dinner.

Occasionally I closed everyone down so I could totally focus on printing words, with a brush, on a poster. Then “Mooom?” rang out. This is one of my favorite words but, as the book ‘Drawing From The Right Side Of The Brain’ explains I switched from total drawing mode to Mom mode so quickly I snared, “WHAAAT?”

Then I backed up, apologized and explained the right/ left brain concept to my children. You can feel the switch when you’re aware of it. My son and daughter believed me but didn’t understand until a few years when we laughed together.

A person standing with arms folded in black and white crayon sketch

Inside People

I Want A Magic Suit!

The book, ‘The Magic Suit,’ is an advanced adventure for beginning readers.  In this short story a first grade boy receives a suit at school and with it he saves his mother’s life.

My adult readers find this symbolic on a quiet intellectual level. They think of all the things we learn in schools!

On a noisy emotionally level my friends dearly WANT a magic suit of their own!

‘The Magic Suit’ on Amazon

A boy in a red suit lounging in the clouds

Lounging In The Clouds -‘The Magic Suit’

My Childhood ROCK!

I made my necklace with a chip of abalone shell which is a little short of three inches long and a beautifully pitted rock. I found both as a young teen, the first on a rocky California beach, the second in a western dessert.

As I wear these two childhood memories I find many friends, and others I meet, have fond memories of childhood rocks also. Rocks have been important to us. And we’re