Outsider Art and the Zen of Rain

Do you ever list your favorite things?

Near the top on my short list is water. Snap shots of rain drops splashing or rain angling through the sky intrigue me. I love to look at single drops sitting on a leaf, I can sit for hours watching oceans roll with water. I like to drink it and play with ice. I never get tied of seeing snow fall, or the beauty of drifts and ice cycles.  I look at ice patterns on a window and know I will never see the same pattern and this again reminds me of the endless variety found in the life on this earth and the many pieces of the universe.

I love rain making everything look clean and love the smell of rain in the air and mixed with the ground. Every time it rains I feel like I’m seeing it for the first time. I need to look hard because I’m afraid it will never rain again in just this way.

Just imagine your favorite thing  falling from the sky!

Below is a valentine I made John a few years ago. He is at the top of my short list and I honored him the same way I value rain and now he’s gone for awhile.

Nancy Mauerman



Outsider Art- Madonna In Sunglasses

Madonna’s baby hangs in her arms like the dead Christ does in Michelangelo’s Pieta, completely helpless.  Mary knew the scriptures and knew her son would save the world but would be despised by many men and broken.

Perhaps the  madonna wears sunglasses to hide from most of her generation her elation and at the same time saddness over her son’s future. Or, we could say she wears sunglasses because she’s a celebrity. Perhaps she represents us receiving gifts from God, our children. Do we view our parenting as important as she did?


Madonna In Sunglasses

Madonna In Sunglasses

My Friends At Prayer

I do believe I am a daughter of God.

Having been an atheist for the first twenty years of my life, I’m still amazed at the bigness of this statement.

The Bible says all things were created before this world was. This must include us, so we may be very old before we’re born into earthly form. Some of my friends see and can sense strongly that their child is quite a bit OLDER than they are as the mom.  What a yummy thought!

So, it isn’t a surprise at all, that among my closest friends, those I consider my CONTEMPORARIES, are two women in their late eighties, a twelve year old boy, his slightly older sister, and a couple of kids, ages seven and eight. Perhaps THEY are condescending to as they accept me as an equal.  nancymauerman.com

A mother and child praying

My Friends At Prayer.

Outsider Art And The Eternal Law Of Grass

The picture below, ‘Crumble,’ is how I feel about lawn grass.

There seems to be a law which causes any grass pulled up by the roots, and left on top of the ground in a flower bed, to GROW there. It’s gloriously happy and will send out seeds almost immediately!

But just pull up grass and take it to an empty spot in my lawn, loving scrape the ground, lay the grass down, cover the roots a little with soil, or not (I’ve tried it both ways), and the result is: DEAD GRASS.

Once, believing in fate, my life rolled this way and that for seemingly no reason.  But now, as scriptures as an explanation and guide to the human condition I no longer crumble.

Portrait - outsider art - ribs and bones


Learning Exaltation From A Kitten

My kind friend Tamera, in the sketch below, is working out her salvation and reminds me of my first kitten, Formica Dinnette Patrice Foxford Mauerman.

My belief is that we are born here on earth in order to learn. We increase our joy in life if we learn to peal off our nature survival tendencies (only caring for ourselves) and replace them with caring for others.

One of Formica’s great joys in life was to ask to be petted then as soon as she was touched she flipped on her back and hugged my hand against her belly with her arms, and legs,CLAWS, and TEETH! My hand became paralyzed stiff, not moving and in pain. So Formica kicked it with her hind feet to give it some movement and something to fight with. Obviously this a cat practicing a survival skill but on my part it was pain.

Soon Formica  learned the words “GENTLE, Formica be gentle.” I could see her brain working and saying, “No no no. I want to play hard.” But her heart would give me gift. Suddenly with great restraint she’d wrestle my hand with claws pulled in.

I hold her up as an example as I try to pull in my claws.

Portrait of a woman in pencil

Tamera A

A Law Irrevocably Decreed – Outsider Art – Rosewoman

“There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundation of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated.” and, “there is  opposition in all things,” and, “the absence of opposition would destroy justice.”

Good art uses the law of opposition- dark/ light, quiet/ busy, empty space/ image, warm color/ cool, bright/ dull hues, straight and stiff/ curves, calm/ anguish, and more.

Rosewoman, below, still carries her eight year old self within her. Many of her old selves were damaged severely. Rosewoman uses this power and energy to create beauty. nancymauerman.com

Portrait of a woman with petals for hair and thorns for teeth


Outsider art- Moses And The Quail

This is a small cropped version of hungry people in the desert. When they complained the Lord blew quail in on an ocean wind. Lots quail. Quail stacked up in a giant heaps, 2 cubits high, over the entire camp plus a day’s journey all around it.

A cubit is somewhere between 18 and 21 inches high or 44 to 52 cm about, about waist high.The people stood up all day, all night and all the next day in the quail. I speculate the people held their small children over their heads and on their shoulders all that time.  Please click on the picture below to see it in its fullness and to see children being held high.   nancymauerman.com

Moses And The Quail - Abstract

Moses And The Quail – Abstract

Because Egrets Don’t Eat Cows

I used the memory of my brother, Don, as a model for this painting called, A Man Of Sorrows And Acquainted With Grief.

I was thinking of Don today, remembering a time when he had four small children and worked in the desert raising fish with a gun. Part of his job was to shoot egrets and his boss got after him repeatedly for not killing the birds who loved fish and ate his profits.

Then he got a job in a dairy and pleased his boss there, because egrets don’t eat cows.nancymauerman.com

Jesus Praying - A prifile image of Jesus Christ

A Man Of Sorrows And Acquainted With Grief – Jesus Praying

Anguish And Changing Directions A Christian Thought

“If you do that again I’ll spank you.” Who hasn’t been on either side of this statement?  A couple times my son “did it again,” and then he said, “I need a spanking. I can’t seem to change direction by myself.” I’ve reflected on this truth for years, it’s a perseverant fascination.

On the flip side of self honesty is, “I couldn’t make my case ’cause I already debunked it.”  C. S. Lewis talked about the anguish of sin but then instead of going to the Lord and saying, “This is awful. I’m feeling anguished. This is what I did. I’m sorry. Help.” We often instead say, “This is what happened. I just happened to be there. It wasn’t my fault for these sixty five reasons. Okay?”

Yea, we want to SAVE ourselves, save ourselves from discomfort and humility. We go to our Lord and say, “Yes, you already paid the price so I don’t have to burn in anguish later, because I know this bad habit of mine will catch up with me.  I know you can help me change directions but I’D RATHER SAVE MYSELF FROM REPENTANCE. I’d rather be comfortable than do the hard work of improvement. It takes courage to admit, “I need a spanking to change direction.”   For more outsider art depicting the human condotion in various forms see nancymauerman.com