Outsider Art- I Wouldn’t Touch This Dress With a Ten Foot Pole

This picture reminds me of Paul my son who competes with a friend as they exersize. The looser gets to wear a tutu!

Paul claims to be the best (perhaps his choreography is exceptional) although his satistics are not. As a result he’s had a minior modification to his couture!

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An Interior show the art on a wall

I Wouldn’t Touch This Dress With a Ten Foot Pole

Buy the Couch to Match the Picture

I used a brick red matt on a drawing project. It didn’t do anything for the picture so when my teacher asked about the color selection I explained the red matched my couch.

“If the picture is good you buy a new couch to match the picture!” he practically screamed.

Oh, boy! That’s aspiring to greatness. What if I fail?!! But, I changed my attitude.

Mandala using colors of green, orang, and violet.

Mandala 10

Outsider Art- Madonna In Sunglasses

Madonna’s baby hangs in her arms like the dead Christ does in Michelangelo’s Pieta, completely helpless.  Mary knew the scriptures and knew her son would save the world but would be despised by many men and broken.

Perhaps the  madonna wears sunglasses to hide from most of her generation her elation and at the same time saddness over her son’s future. Or, we could say she wears sunglasses because she’s a celebrity. Perhaps she represents us receiving gifts from God, our children. Do we view our parenting as important as she did?


Madonna In Sunglasses

Madonna In Sunglasses

Two Faces

I was three and Vicky’s coloring book page was beautiful. All her lines were side by side within the lines. I tried it but coloring inside the lines was a miserable process.  Scribbling, on the other hand,  was exhilarating and delightful although the resulting  picture was bad.

I promised myself I would someday I would make scribbling look good.


Two Faces

Two Faces

Mandala There Are No straight Lines

I was drawing from the nude when I was thirteen when a professional artist began training me. His style was Buddhist although he didn’t know it. Kieffer yelled, “I told you not to do that!” and scratched big Xs over my disobedient attempts at beauty. I could tell he cared for me but his harsh teaching style ingrained his truths deeply.

He taught structure, to take risks, to impress others was not a worthy goal, and there are no straight lines in a figure. I saw a woman sitting in place for an hour and he told me to draw the hairs as they grew from her arm, the fatigue of her muscles at holding her up in the pose, and her cells breathing and dividing.

The circle below is a study in color. Every color has over three qualities but the three main ones for me are: warm/cool, dark/light, and saturated/ mixed color. The stem is warm red. The middle is very dark and the outer edges are light pink. The inner dark is made from red and a little green to grey it and blue to darken. The outer pink is red mixed blue a little green and white. The only saturated color can be found in the small bits of yellow in the leaf.

AND there are no straight lines in this organic form.

Mandala 1

Mandala 1