Bubbles Of Smoke In The Sea

I’ve seen smoke warm the sea as it bubbles up from a bottom volcano. I’ve seen fish slurp down stars and I’ve seen dark mountains throw blue shadows across sunset colors, high in the sky.

This story poem mixes wonders of nature with fantasy. Anna shrinks to mouse size and rides on her robin’s back to a hollow plum tree where she and her other robin friends all dance the tango.

Anna’s Robin

Anna's Robin - Title Page

Anna’s Robin – Title Page


Grape Vine Mandala

For over thirty years I’ve been saving money so I could use it to promote my art in some way. I invested it then met Amy who became the computer side of my art business. I love the free enterprise system where I can save, invest, invent, then PAY Amy. I love paying her.

I study balance so below we see two circles- one in and one out side. The circles are graphic shapes in contrast to the organic vine shape. Quiet areas demand equal attention as the two forms.

I’m reminded of a sweater I liked at the  store and bought, even though it was too big. At home I had to try it on but it wasn’t for me.  It did fit Amy and It’s her favorite color. So I gave it to her.

I love balance and I love capitalism so I can collect money, use it and share it.- Today I greeted her at the door saying,”You’re wearing my sweater.” Her  eyes sparkled, “No. It’s my sweater.” She paused, “It takes a village to own a sweater!”


Mandala 1

I’m As Big As A Leaf

When I was three I didn’t yet know about electrons. Now I know a leaf is big because it’s made up of so many of those little fellows.

When I was five I thought the solar system ended at Pluto but I didn’t believe my teachers when they told me there was only one universe. They said the FACTS proved it. Now many people realize how much bigger reality is. You may think I’d feel smaller as satellites explore an ever expanding multi-universal space

The indegenious men of Australia see their children before they are born.  The H’mong people see and hear their dead family members as their dead extended family sits near home in  tree limbs. In these ways my world is still small.

I used not to believe God. He was there all along but I didn’t know it. Now my reality is so much bigger. I’m no longer blind to facts. My reality enlarges not only around facts but experiences, around large and small miracles in my life daily.

I’m bigger than I used to be. Bigger too because I know I influence Pluto just as electrons influence a leaf..

I sold this on Redbubble

Mandala 9 - Leaves In Yellow And Orange

Mandala 9 – Leaves In Yellow And Orange


You Have Power!!!

John and I studied bones and muscles every night until our eyes drooped and mouths couldn’t form words.  We’d set a timer for an hour, sleep in the floor with our books until the alarm sounded. Then we’d study until we drooped and set the alarm again.

We were in massage school. I have a strong tendency to forget nouns so I don’t test well. John was already a nurse so the study time was necessary but a review for him. Early in the morning as he drove us into school we would quiz each other. I asked him questions as I scanned a book on my lap and John quizzed me from memory and his IMAGINATION!

After a few legitimate questions he’d say, “Where dose the quatamarious-forntulation insert?”

My mind spun in panic,”What? Oh, man! I don’t remember this one either! It sounds somewhat familiar.” I say out loud, “Is it the one near the sternocleidomastoid running laterally from the mastoid process of the temporal bone to the sternum and the clavicle? Or, is it the..”

John interrupted, “Nope! I just made it up!”

Now this is where POWER comes into our story and into our relationship! I could choose rage or humor. John’s intent was never malicious so I choose humor. I married the guy and was never bored. My life sparkled like a new diamond every day because of all the surprises constantly bubbling from John’s brilliant brain!

The painting below is called Toby. He’s just been surprised. He’s an inside person who reacts to the discomfort of being surprised. But another inside person holds his hand and CHOOSES to act rather than react. He always chose humor when various times John would sneak out while I slept, move our car, then in the morning claim it was stolen again. nancymauerman.com


graphic art of a face - abstract


Formica, My Cat, And Greenies

I feel a tap, tap. I look down to see Formica Dinnette Patrice Foxford Mauerman, my cat, tapping my leg. I obediently follow her into the kitchen and repeat variations of; “What a good Kitty!”, “Good crunching!”, “Nicely done!” Good job!”
She likes to be watched while she eats. But, even more, she adores her Greenies.

This product gave my daughter’s cat a new life when he had leukemia. The disease wasn’t cured but he could run around again, be interested in the outside and play.

Formica was over weight and changing cat food didn’t help but six Greenie, three times a day, is causing her to slowly lose pounds.

Now, all I have to do is teach Formica to watch ME eat and say, “Nice crunching!”, Good chewing!”, “Good, not eating that third candy bar”, “Nice work!”, “Good girl, have a Greenie!”

A tabby house cat

Formica My bengal cat

Do You Have Inside People?

Don’t we all have inside people?

One person listened to my son, when he was young, while at the very same time another heard my daughter. The first said something sympathetic to my son then created a run-one sentence to answer my daughter, while another one of me washed dishes and planned dinner.

Occasionally I closed everyone down so I could totally focus on printing words, with a brush, on a poster. Then “Mooom?” rang out. This is one of my favorite words but, as the book ‘Drawing From The Right Side Of The Brain’ explains I switched from total drawing mode to Mom mode so quickly I snared, “WHAAAT?”

Then I backed up, apologized and explained the right/ left brain concept to my children. You can feel the switch when you’re aware of it. My son and daughter believed me but didn’t understand until a few years when we laughed together.  nancymauerman.com

A person standing with arms folded in black and white crayon sketch

Inside People

I Want A Magic Suit!

The book, ‘The Magic Suit,’ is an advanced adventure for beginning readers.  In this short story a first grade boy receives a suit at school and with it he saves his mother’s life.

My adult readers find this symbolic on a quiet intellectual level. They think of all the things we learn in schools!

On a noisy emotionally level my friends dearly WANT a magic suit of their own!

‘The Magic Suit’ on Amazon

A boy in a red suit lounging in the clouds

Lounging In The Clouds -‘The Magic Suit’

My Childhood ROCK!

I made my necklace with a chip of abalone shell which is a little short of three inches long and a beautifully pitted rock. I found both as a young teen, the first on a rocky California beach, the second in a western dessert.

As I wear these two childhood memories I find many friends, and others I meet, have fond memories of childhood rocks also. Rocks have been important to us. And we’re surprised.nancymauerman.com