I Lost 50 Years In Appearance!

If my husband found a shirt he liked; he’d buy 12 exactly the same, and he used this same idea for the rest his wardrobe. If I like a piece of  clothing I wear it until the threads can no longer hold the patches together.

People often walk to lose weight, but today by the end of my walk I had lost years off my life! A few blocks from home the ancient elastic decided it could no longer hold up the waist band of my skinny jeans. I grabbed my waist band, but already the potion of my pants, where the legs came together, was hovering just above my knees. I must have appeared to anyone driving by, on my busy street, to have been 50 years younger and made my living as part of a hip hop band!

The picture below is from, ‘Magic Suit’. It’s an adventure book for boys and action seeking girls; a beginning reader. When Paul puts on his suit he flies, shoots out rockets, and even saves his mother’s life.


Running Through Clouds.

Pieces Of The Eclipse Roll Them Where You Want Them

At my home I saw mostly all but not quite a full eclipse.

As the eclipse was just about to wane I,

I walked, gleefully passing,

through trying to,

stomp on,



Stretching across the sidewalk, the spots of light,

fell from between quivering leaves above.

Thrown by the crescent sun, casting,

crescent shaped shadows,

onto the,



As I played in the tree shadows,full of holes I saw,

I also was punctured full of holes,

caused by damage,

and deeds,

not yet,



Lights from my family, friends and,

neighbors are casting,

beautiful shapes,

through me,

onto the,


Formica, My Cat, And Greenies

I feel a tap, tap. I look down to see Formica Dinnette Patrice Foxford Mauerman, my cat, tapping my leg. I obediently follow her into the kitchen and repeat variations of; “What a good Kitty!”, “Good crunching!”, “Nicely done!” Good job!”
She likes to be watched while she eats. But, even more, she adores her Greenies.

This product gave my daughter’s cat a new life when he had leukemia. The disease wasn’t cured but he could run around again, be interested in the outside and play.

Formica was over weight and changing cat food didn’t help but six Greenie, three times a day, is causing her to slowly lose pounds.

Now, all I have to do is teach Formica to watch ME eat and say, “Nice crunching!”, Good chewing!”, “Good, not eating that third candy bar”, “Nice work!”, “Good girl, have a Greenie!”

A tabby house cat

Formica My bengal cat

Do You Have Inside People?

Don’t we all have inside people?

One person listened to my son, when he was young, while at the very same time another heard my daughter. The first said something sympathetic to my son then created a run-one sentence to answer my daughter, while another one of me washed dishes and planned dinner.

Occasionally I closed everyone down so I could totally focus on printing words, with a brush, on a poster. Then “Mooom?” rang out. This is one of my favorite words but, as the book ‘Drawing From The Right Side Of The Brain’ explains I switched from total drawing mode to Mom mode so quickly I snared, “WHAAAT?”

Then I backed up, apologized and explained the right/ left brain concept to my children. You can feel the switch when you’re aware of it. My son and daughter believed me but didn’t understand until a few years when we laughed together.  nancymauerman.com

A person standing with arms folded in black and white crayon sketch

Inside People

I Want A Magic Suit!

The book, ‘The Magic Suit,’ is an advanced adventure for beginning readers.  In this short story a first grade boy receives a suit at school and with it he saves his mother’s life.

My adult readers find this symbolic on a quiet intellectual level. They think of all the things we learn in schools!

On a noisy emotionally level my friends dearly WANT a magic suit of their own!

‘The Magic Suit’ on Amazon

A boy in a red suit lounging in the clouds

Lounging In The Clouds -‘The Magic Suit’

My Childhood ROCK!

I made my necklace with a chip of abalone shell which is a little short of three inches long and a beautifully pitted rock. I found both as a young teen, the first on a rocky California beach, the second in a western dessert.

As I wear these two childhood memories I find many friends, and others I meet, have fond memories of childhood rocks also. Rocks have been important to us. And we’re surprised.nancymauerman.com



Cell Phones Blind You

I noticed when wonderful music enters my ears I can’t walk or talk.

I love four or five melodies interweaving, then modifying, changing key, returning to the original theme.  It takes all my focus to hear the  sounds of individual instruments harmonizing or clashing depending on if the music is asking a question or answering.

I love the use of tempo and sometimes sound expresses quiet more than silence.  The tremendous kettle drums of Verdi’s Requiem make the sound I’m sure was present at the creation of the universe!

But, as soon as I turned to Amazon and ordered Verdi’s Requiem I begin to listen lazy! I suddenly “owned” it!

I was no longer awake to it’s beauty.

Before, I listened with intense hunger in case I NEVER HEARD THOSE SOUNDS AGAIN! I had to soak the sounds into every pore, just in case! And even if I was sure I’d live forever and would catch it on the radio again I was NOT in control.

Some people using cell phones to take pictures have also noticed they cease to see. they no longer experience what they have just photographed.

My daughter below is completely tangled in the grape vines.  Would it be frightening to drop control and sometimes leave our photo equipment at home? nancymauerman.com

Portrait of a girls face behind grape leaves

Anna In Grapes

Jokes From Cancer Radiation Treatment

My first radiation appointment took several hours. I received small tattoo dots as a way to line me up consistently day after day under the machine. The doctor and technician took about eight or nine “photos” to verify my placement. I told them, “Too bad my husband died. He would have loved to see those photos.”

Another day I told two technicians, “You’re so lucky. You get to work with ladies who lay on their backs with their arms spralled above their heads and who don’t wear deodorant!”  nancymauerman.com

Yellow And Black Abstract 2 Available on Red Bubble

Yellow And Black Abstract 2

Dragons and Bad Manners

This is part of a new cover for my book ‘Dragon’s Tale.’ Paul, my son, thinks his sister Anna is inventing tales about her dragon Iva Lou. As Anna, my daughter, tells her family about her shy dragon Paul won’t, at first, believe in anything he can’t see.

When my kids were small we celebrated two holidays a month.  A few were Girl’s Day, Boy’s day, Rock Day, which is part of the story, “Dragon’s Tale’, Treasure Day, Frog Day, and one of our favorites, Bad Manner Day.

On Bad Manner Day we experimented with eating etiquette from around the world. We’d hold our soup bowls at our bottom lips and shove the solid particles in with chop sticks then slurp as loud as we could. To celebrate old German table manners we’d lean back on the hind legs of our chairs and belch over and over to indicate we liked the meal. Then we’d chew with our mouths open and our elbows on the table. We’d fill our mouths as full as we could get them then attempt to talk but mostly we laughed, launching chewed up stuff onto the center piece, (it always reflected the holiday theme).

I’d say manners weren’t sacred. They’re tools, like “correct clothing” so we didn’t distract others in business dealing or scare people socially.  Manners reflected other cultures which we celebrated all month by listening to their music, looking at art from the areas we’d culinarily celebrated, and we read a little about their histories, and read their fiction stories and visited ethnic restaurants.

‘Dragon’s Tale’s’ new cover will be available soon and brings back great memories. nancymauerman.com

A Dragon with wings holding a chocolate chip cookie.

Dragons Tale 1

Outsider Art- My Crumbling Is Proportional

I asked my computer technician, Amy, “Have you ever hurt from the inside, out to every edge of your skin?”

“I know where you’re going with this,” Amy said.  “It’s John’s fault.”

“Yea, and it’s a good thing, I decided.  When my husband died I hurt in direct proportion to the goodness in me and around me, established by him.  nancymauerman.com

Crumble - abstract woman, ribs, and pieces crumbling off of her face.