Grape Vine Mandala

For over thirty years I’ve been saving money so I could use it to promote my art in some way. I invested it then met Amy who became the computer side of my art business. I love the free enterprise system where I can save, invest, invent, then PAY Amy. I love paying her.

I study balance so below we see two circles- one in and one out side. The circles are graphic shapes in contrast to the organic vine shape. Quiet areas demand equal attention as the two forms.

I’m reminded of a sweater I liked at the  store and bought, even though it was too big. At home I had to try it on but it wasn’t for me.  It did fit Amy and It’s her favorite color. So I gave it to her.

I love balance and I love capitalism so I can collect money, use it and share it.- Today I greeted her at the door saying,”You’re wearing my sweater.” Her  eyes sparkled, “No. It’s my sweater.” She paused, “It takes a village to own a sweater!”


Mandala 1

Outsider Art- Hammers And Clouds

This painting called Hammers And Clouds is painted on a sweater which I liked- but which looked hideous on me. Now the sweater is available for sale as outsider art. The theme is holes and edges.

I see holes in the clouds and the clouds reach almost to the top of the picture otherwise we would see a white shape and think ‘cloud’ but notice they can make strange and wonderful shapes and have interesting edges. One day I looked out the window and I saw this exact cloud configuration. The mountain forms are simplified so they don’t detract from holes and edges. The background sweater pieces overlap themselves on one side of the picture making an interesting edge.

Edges fascinate me because, in actuality, there are no edges. My elbow’s molecules are merging with wood table molecules as I ponder how to end this thought. This pictures title refers to hammers which are part of the frame. You can see this piece framed –Hammers And Clouds – Framed.


Hammers And Clouds