Some Days I’m Only Seven Years Old

On days I want to ‘look real good’ I tell people my age is eighty- nine. On paper I’m said to be sixty-seven,but some days I feel seven years old so I color pictures in Crayola Crayon.

I don’t understand ladies over forty telling people,” I just turned twenty- nine!” I’d rather be eighty- nine and look sixty- seven!


Quarks are stuck together by atomic energy and become hadrons. The most stable hadrons are electrons and protons.

Rosewoman- Outsider Art

“Ever stumble to a mirror expecting to see a monster of pain? When I’ve had the flu for a few days, why can’t I look as bad as I feel? I could use some sympathy!” I say to my mature friends who glow with humor and love of life but are in constant pain.


From the movie ‘Junebug’
“God loves you just the way you are! And he wants you to improve!”