Dragons and Bad Manners

This is part of a new cover for my book ‘Dragon’s Tale.’ Paul, my son, thinks his sister Anna is inventing tales about her dragon Iva Lou. As Anna, my daughter, tells her family about her shy dragon Paul won’t, at first, believe in anything he can’t see.

When my kids were small we celebrated two holidays a month.  A few were Girl’s Day, Boy’s day, Rock Day, which is part of the story, “Dragon’s Tale’, Treasure Day, Frog Day, and one of our favorites, Bad Manner Day.

On Bad Manner Day we experimented with eating etiquette from around the world. We’d hold our soup bowls at our bottom lips and shove the solid particles in with chop sticks then slurp as loud as we could. To celebrate old German table manners we’d lean back on the hind legs of our chairs and belch over and over to indicate we liked the meal. Then we’d chew with our mouths open and our elbows on the table. We’d fill our mouths as full as we could get them then attempt to talk but mostly we laughed, launching chewed up stuff onto the center piece, (it always reflected the holiday theme).

I’d say manners weren’t sacred. They’re tools, like “correct clothing” so we didn’t distract others in business dealing or scare people socially.  Manners reflected other cultures which we celebrated all month by listening to their music, looking at art from the areas we’d culinarily celebrated, and we read a little about their histories, and read their fiction stories and visited ethnic restaurants.

‘Dragon’s Tale’s’ new cover will be available soon and brings back great memories. nancymauerman.com

A Dragon with wings holding a chocolate chip cookie.

Dragons Tale 1

Outsider Art- My Crumbling Is Proportional

I asked my computer technician, Amy, “Have you ever hurt from the inside, out to every edge of your skin?”

“I know where you’re going with this,” Amy said.  “It’s John’s fault.”

“Yea, and it’s a good thing, I decided.  When my husband died I hurt in direct proportion to the goodness in me and around me, established by him.  nancymauerman.com

Crumble - abstract woman, ribs, and pieces crumbling off of her face.


Do You Want To Be The Best In The World At Anything?

When I was Anna’s age I felt an intense obligation to be the best in our world’s history at something!  I thought everyone lived with this pull until I was thirty when every single one I asked just wanted to be average.

This is a picture of Anna, my daughter, drawn in Crayola Crayon.  At about age five I knew my accomplishments should be in music, dance, or the visual arts. And, I soon discovered I had a hard time caring a tune and I consistently clapped off beat, so music was out.  And in ballet the dancer faces forward but her feet face sideways, each in an opposite direction,   I could never pull off a true, turn out, so dance was out.

So, the visual arts were left. I was consistently ‘wrong’ in most every principle in every art class I took. BUT I didn’t give up.  Besides when you’re wrong in class you have the opportunity to turn red and learn that particular principal at a deeper level that those who are simply snickering. I’ve been planning to live to at least 135 to give me time to try for my goal.


Rest - Portrait Of A Girl

Rest – Portrait Of A Girl

What Is A Bearos?

A little girl, I once knew, was driven to the pet store on her birthday. Her mother told her to wait in the car and as she waited the girl imagined the kitten she’d been begging for, or perhaps a puppy. But her mother came out and put a jumping bean in the little girl’s hand.

What a mean mamma! The little girl in my book Bearos invented  bearoses as imaginary friends who were also trouble makers. And, it’s obvious the girl had been wanting a kitten too.  nancymauerman.com

A bear and an orange toilet bowl with a goldfish swimming inside.

Bearos Washing Fish

Then I get blamed for Kitty one and Kitty two swimming in the
toilet. Everybody who watches television knows bears
love fish. And Bearos do too. Bearos were just washing
the fish water off the fish so they could eat them.

page 21

“Do you see that lady in the picture? She’s in a pink
bubble tree forest. She just climbed a tree to look for fish
but now she’s going home crying.”

page 22

“Fish are her friends but because you bought fish instead
of a kitty she saw a Bearo eat a fish. I’ve never seen bears
eat kitties on T.V. have you?”