Outsider Art And The Friends Behind Me

White Ellie stands in front and her friends Jane Clara and Sam stand so closely behind her only their feet are showing. Across the picture is a tree with two others in the distance.  They line up and appear to be one object.

A family I know is moving out of the state soon and even though I’ve never spent much time with them I will miss them greatly.  I won’t have them to say, ‘Hi,’ to but even more they greatly affect my very close friends. The greatness they impart to my close friends will be diminished therefore, I will be also.

White Ellie Jane Clara And Sam Framed

White Ellie Jane Clara And Sam Framed

028 Band Aids

My mom said, “No dogs! No cats!” my mom said. “But why?” my brother, Don, and I asked. “Because,” Mom said, “It’s the mother who cleans up after them, feeds them and it’s the mother who cries the  most when they die.” How could we argue with that?

So, my Dad brought home lizards and frogs. One winter three of our lizards caught colds. Mucus filled their tiny nostrils and the sweet little things had to hang their mouths open to breath. Normally it took a few minutes and several gulps to swallow a meal worm but the worms were as big around as an anole’s open mouth so my lizards couldn’t breath so they stopped eating. Don and I solved that problem- we cut off worm heads and squeezed out the juice and the lizards licked up.

My brilliant mom dreamed up a solution to the over all problem. Hour by hour she stood at the bathroom sink holding a warm damp wash cloth with three lizards lined up on one side. She folded the other half of the steamy wash cloth over them making a cozy three lizard sleeping bag. In a few day the lizards completely recuperated! A few years later my mom cried when they died.

Band Aids

Band Aids

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Unicar- Outsider Art

A new way to save! Why waste money on four tires- drive on just one. With a good strong gyroscope we should be able to pull this off.

This picture is featured  in the book Bearos found on Amazon. A girl claims dust bunnies can turn into bearos. When the beaeos won’t want to get caught causing mischief they invaporate their feet and turn into bunnies again. She tells us, “I didn’t want Mother to know I’d worn my brother’s shoes. I decide the bearo popped out his feet but they were too big for my little brother’s new shoes. When the bearo tried to walk in the shoes he broke them so now my brother can’t wear them. There’s a picture in my brother’s room of a one wheeled car. He’ll need it now his shoe are broken. ‘I didn’t do it! I’m not interested in boy shoes,’ I tell my mother from the corner.”

Unicar - Framed

Unicar – Framed