I Don’t Need No Couch In My life

No room in my mind for junk T.V., no room in my house for a couch. Working from sun up to down, painting and writing kids’ books, my living room is crowded with pictures. And I’m still  trying to untangle the world. It’s in a twist like the abstract painting below.

I watch various programs on screen but pause most everything to argue with it. It’s not unusual for a one hour program to last two. “That’s not how it is if you read history.” or “I just read an article in Science Magazine which adds a little to…”     My husband says, “You think watching anything on a screen is a debate.”  This he says as an observation not complaint.

“yea,” I say, “And I see our marriage is a debate too. It’s a good thing you aren’t my Dad. He couldn’t look sideways without me challenging him, poor man. I’m just trying to make sense of the world.”

“You don’t watch to relax do you?” he laughs.

“You’ve never seen me lay on the couch and watch T.V. have ya?”  To see more outsider art, also known as Art Brut or Visionary art see nancymauerman.com


Yellow And Black Abstract 1

Yellow And Black Abstract 1

Anguish And Changing Directions A Christian Thought

“If you do that again I’ll spank you.” Who hasn’t been on either side of this statement?  A couple times my son “did it again,” and then he said, “I need a spanking. I can’t seem to change direction by myself.” I’ve reflected on this truth for years, it’s a perseverant fascination.

On the flip side of self honesty is, “I couldn’t make my case ’cause I already debunked it.”  C. S. Lewis talked about the anguish of sin but then instead of going to the Lord and saying, “This is awful. I’m feeling anguished. This is what I did. I’m sorry. Help.” We often instead say, “This is what happened. I just happened to be there. It wasn’t my fault for these sixty five reasons. Okay?”

Yea, we want to SAVE ourselves, save ourselves from discomfort and humility. We go to our Lord and say, “Yes, you already paid the price so I don’t have to burn in anguish later, because I know this bad habit of mine will catch up with me.  I know you can help me change directions but I’D RATHER SAVE MYSELF FROM REPENTANCE. I’d rather be comfortable than do the hard work of improvement. It takes courage to admit, “I need a spanking to change direction.”   For more outsider art depicting the human condotion in various forms see nancymauerman.com




Is Eternal Life One Day Long?

“It’s a good thing there’s only one day in heaven.” he said. Evidently John believes eternity runs without being chopped into days. “Because if there are Mormons there you’ll only have to shake hands once.”

John and I are members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter- Day Saint and we were on our way into the chapel on Sunday. And around here when we meet our friends anywhere, let alone church, they always shake hands as if we were brother and sisters and haven’t seen each other for days. We shake hands in lieu of hugs which we do plenty of too.

To see more abstract paintings that appear to have been quickly swished into existence I’d love for you to look at my web site.


 Yellow And Black Abstract 3

Yellow And Black Abstract 3

Bunch Of Us Inside Each Of Us

bunches of us live

inside us “Mom?” rings “What!” snarled

we cant switch that fast

Just ask the artist in total brush painting focus when suddenly, “Mom?” rings out. In return the focused one with the brush snarls, “What!!”

The artist’s consciousness instantly switched sides of her brain. It’s painful in an odd way and it’s startling. I always apologized and reexplained the bit about the brain every time. Then sometime in their teens each of my children said,”Aaah, I understand.”  johnmauerman@gmail.com


3 Sisters

3 Sisters