Cancer- God And I At Play

About three and a half years ago God and I played. Over and over I had been thinking, “It’s not of great importance, but I would like to lose a little weight only three or four pounds. This was simply a thought and not verbalized for weeks then another though occurred to me, “Go ahead and say it out loud.”
So I did. I explained in prayer losing a little weight had been on my mind (and of course He knew that), and I didn’t consider it to be of high importance.
Within a week I was diagnosed with cancer. “Yea!” I thought, “That will do it!” A strong thought also came that I would be completely all right. The thought was so strong I had no doubts: unusual for me.
The diagnoses and reassurance may have been the most important part, but maybe not. I still laugh out loud to have committed myself verbally and received an answer so quickly!

How Can I Help? Leadership – A New Idea

I’ve worked under leaders whose goals were to constantly invent more to do and to point out a lack in performance.
On the other hand, one leader met with me regularly with two questions: what went well, and what would you improve? I NOTICED my actions good and weak. The result: I modified my skills into improvements, and I stretched creatively and sometimes with trepidation. It was exciting- exhilarating!
Another leader became my servant with all her questions and actions leading to only one goal- to help me become sucessful.

I’m Overly Mature

Last year I was mature therefore wise. This year I’ve grown overly mature and far beyond wise into a new world of forgetfulness.
I leave notes on the floor to remind myself of jobs to be done and events to see to, but my cat Formica Dinette Patrice Foxford Mauerman is a neat freak. She hates items left where they should not be and points by nodding her head at things left out of place, or not picked up.
As I grow further beyond wise, I’m very glad for my cat’s house keeping skills. I’m maturing into forgetting I’ve even put notes on the floor! Thank goodness I have a bobble headed cat.