My Daughter Mixed Up Magic

Anna is mixing magic potions and mud pies. For several years she wore a beret every day, everywhere, even to church and bed. Her magic ingredients were baking soda, wheat flour, vinegar, water, pepper, dry spaghetti sticks, chocolate chips, which never ended up in mud and other kitchen powders and juices.

This picture is drawn in Crayola Crayon with a bright over color of yellow orange to show the heat of the day. It’s a picture of contrasts; cool blue/ warm yellow and orange in color, scrubbed on crayon/ loose wash of blue paint, quiet face/ active hands.

Anna and Mixing Bowls

Anna and Mixing Bowls

Life’s Not Fair So Read a Book to Your Children: Dragon’s Tale

A panel of women discussed a study stating: no matter what the income, background, or education children become successful due to one reason.  Their parents spent a great deal of time with them.  A few women on the panel proposed, “That’s not fair.  Let’s make a law to forbid spending time ones children.”

When I was young my mother answered my complaints, “Life’s not fair.”  I’m glad she taught me to keep working at my goals when life was hard.  If my life had been ‘fair’ my art would have be mushy instead of strong.  As a mother I decided buy books, to read to my children, and leave those books out in a prominent place for years and years.  My children could look through them on their own and as my children grew they’d be constantly reminded of those reading times together.

When they came home bemoaning, ‘Life’s not fair!’ they’d be reminded, ‘But Mom loves me.”  And, on those days they decided, “Mom doesn’t understand.  Not fair!” they’d see the books and remember, “But, Mom cherishes me.”

Below are two pages from my book, ‘Dragon’s Tale’.  The illustrations are drawn in crayola crayon, perhaps you’ll like them.

Finally Anna bounced up like a bunny, twisted in her chair, and reached for the round cake with the lavender squiggles.  She closed her mouth around the central star of frosting and said, “Yesterday we were in the apple tree eating cookies.”


“And, of course Iva Lou ate hers with worms on top.  And, she said she’s always thought she could be friends with a boy..

“Then why can’t I see her?” Paul asked.  “If she wants to meet a boy this is what she should do.  Your dragon needs to come right now and right here then she can meet me.”

Dragon Tale

Dragon’s Tale

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Chicken’s Birthday Party! Have You Every Been Invited To One?

The book ‘Chickens’ is based on birthday parties my friend, Jillian, had for each of her four hens.  In my book the birthday bird tells the story about her special day and many readers can hear a southern accent in the telling.  The birthday bird is disappointed in her party over and over until the very end.

The picture below shows one of our bird’s chicken friends, Gold Digger.  Gold Digger also lives with Jillian and comes to the party.  The green cord around this bird’s neck is held by one of Jillian’s human friends as they walk to the park.

The text on this page says: Gold Digger is the best worm digger I know.  She lifts a leaf and digs a hole in two seconds flat.  But, she sees worms everywhere.  “Oh, oh,” she spots something wiggle.  “THOSE ARE NOT WORMS!” I tell her, “Do not peck off your person’s toes.”


Chickens In Birthday Suits 8

Chickens In Birthday Suits 8

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Koi in the Book Anna’s Robin

Here are two pages of text and one page’s picture from the book ‘Anna’s Robin’.

Reflecting stars bounced on water

where they saw the koi cry,

They saw koi cry,

They saw the koi had begun to cry and squirm for,

animal cracker crumbs.


Some of the floating stars,

Stuck to their backs,

As the fat fish surfaced,

To swallow the animal cracker crumb smacks.


Anna's Robin Picture 17

Anna’s Robin Picture 17

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