He Locked My Cookies In His Safe!

John removed his favorites, slipped them into his pocket, and all the while I was talking to Bart and Annette, who brought the Christmas delights. John had started by sampling them, while I talked, he left the room without a word to bring back a bag, as I talked. And before Bart and Annette left he LOCKED OUR BEST COOKIES IN THE SAFE, the safe I can’t remember how to get into. I was still taking!
“You can’t have all those chocolate ones; they’re the best!” I complained while Bart was still here as a witness because I’d noticed he’d laughed his way half out of his chair. “How do you know they’re the best?” John asked. “Because I ate all of them from the mixed cookies I brought home from Quilting Group.” I answered and It’s beginning to dawn on me why He talks so little when company drops by….he’s not shy or circumspect…he’s a covetous, schemer,  stealer of COOKIES and I wonder what else he has in the safe?  nancymauerman.com

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