Senior Looking For A Senorita And Finding Me

Last spring John was curious about our property boundaries, as marked by small round pieces of brass embedded in the sidewalk. Why he was so interested in the markings, as to cause him to scuttle around on his hands and knees, is too deep to analyze.

The wonderful part of this story is that  a worried lady crossed the street to check on him. I can’t imagine what she must have been thinking when she asked if he needed help, and he paused thinking, “Can she find the brass thing for me?” and so John said, “No.” She was an older woman, of mixed race, very dark skinned, and she was checking up on the German. John, is totally German on both sides of his family and when and where I was born no one would have stopped to check on a German. We were married later in life and now A GERMAN is my favorite person in the whole world. I love the USA.

The picture below, is of me

being so happy I’ve climbed a tree

so I can yell to the big world how curious and good people can be.

Senior Looking For A Senorita - Framed

Senior Looking For A Senorita – Framed

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