An Electron Is The Same As A Tree In Wedding Dress

When they could finally see it: there was nothing. I read an article on electrons and they were finally able see that small; and there was nothing to see.  But what they found was space and energy- intelligence. This is what I wanted to paint a picture of so of course I put a wedding dress on a tree. It shouldn’t be surprising; “wedding” implies energy, choice,  awareness of self, balance between them verses us, longing for unity, of place, of love.

I’ve read that trees communicate to each other by sending energy messages from their roots into crisscrossing and radiating nematodes, growing in the earth. Other trees’ roots comprehend the energy ideas and groups of trees talk, decide and encourage another small tree to flourish or discourage it to die. Of course this elaborate communication system reminds me of the energy- intelligence system of our brain; ideas there aren’t round things with weight that, move around or modify.

I can’t slap a tape measure or weigh the intelligence- energy so I painted the wedding dress in luminous paint. I stand at one angle in front of this picture and the dress all but disappears, I change my viewing angle and the tree is almost completely covered by opaque white paint.

Tree in Wedding Dress - Framed

Tree in Wedding Dress – Framed

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