Bats and Family Sing Alongs

The picture below is from my silly book, ‘Old McDonald Had a Haunted House.’ My Mom and Dad, brother Don and I never sang together although we all loved music.

My Mom loved folk songs but they drove my Dad up the wall. She stayed silent. My Dad loved opera but evidently didn’t feel confident to sing along having not learned the languages nor trained his voice. When Don grew up he took voice lessons and sang solos in church and at home.

Classic music played through our house everyday with opera, on the radio, on Saturdays. The names  and histories  behind the sounds were never mentioned so if I was hungry for a particular piece of music I’d say, “Can we hear the one that goes…” and I’d try to hum the tune. Either my humming was off or their listening was because my hunger was never satisfied. A slight look of panic permeated my parents eyes and later the eyes of guys at the music store (and I always broadened my music appreciation because I never came home with the music I’d shopped for.)

I would have loved to have sung with my family and if we’d had silly songs like ‘Old McDonald’ no one would have worried about voice control. This book is free as an EBook at Amazon starting today.




Bats – Old MacDonald Had A Haunted House

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