Beware I Have Another Physics Question

We finally can look at things as small as an electron but guess what; electrons aren’t there.  What is there is intelligence and energy. We now understand this intelligent/energy doesn’t appear in a place then rotate around neutrons and protons. Instead it blinks its presence within its sphere of influence here then there.  I’m reminded of a child on his mom’s lap, his head tucked under her chin and with her arms around him. The child’s surrounded and sometimes Mom taps his head with her chin, sometimes she nudges him with her arm or leg. But she is always and constantly there.

We discovered another oddity.  As we gaze at an electron the electron knows it and acts differently.

If a baboon sits in the forest he reacts one way if another baboon walks in then he acts differently if a human walks in.

Now my question: Does an electron act one way if a baboon watches it and differently when a human does. I propose yes.



A Detached Web Flew Flat Through The Air

A Detached Web Flew Flat Through The Air

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