Found A Person Changing A Tire In A Dress

I guarantee half of an LDS congregation will start laughing if you say, “I prayed I could be of service to the Lord!” John and I did this periodically and every time it wore us out with goodness. We had to grow into it. The first time seven opportunities presented themselves in two hour’s time!

I can recall a few. At the library while I shopped for good books John waited, and I wasn’t long, but by the time I was done he was gone! I found him in the parking lot with an middle aged woman because in spite of pattering his couture after the homeless the woman had approached him saying,’Would you break into my car?” She’d locked her keys in her car.  “Just by chance” John found we had an old wire coat hanger behind our car seat. We’d been in similar situations several times and even with a coat hanger it took a loong time to break in. But John caught hold of the inside lock mechanism, pulling it up in just a FEW moments.

We shook our heads laughing at the answer to our prayer and drove three blocks to Wall- Mart where we found a woman changing her tire in a dress! The woman was wearing the dress- not the tire, (although that might have been a bigger miracle.) So John asked to take over.

Half our congregation laughs because so many of them have also asked the Lord if they could be of help and found themselves worn out with goodness.


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