I’m Very Important; I’m a Victim!

I’m feeling insignificant and without purpose. This used to happen to people of middle age; the solution was to buy a sports car.
We’re taught in school to evaluate ourselves as discontent; the solution is two fold.
To cure discontent we need to discover to what extent and to the greatest extent possible how much a victim we are. I, myself, am somewhat important because I’m a female, I’m a victim because I’ve been abussed in my family and by men in the work place, and one of my foremothers was a native American. Also, I’m an artist. I spend all day every day making things to look at that no one wants to see. There should be a law! My neighbors spend a great deal of money on music but none on art. A lack of cultural appreciation makes me a victim. People should be forced to by my art!
There are many in my communitee that can count up so many more points of victimhood; they are so much more important than I!
I also need a purpose in life! The solution is to complain and be offended! I’ll make a long list of offences in every direction, and to really find satisfaction I’ll go on a protest march and distroy something! Ah, I feel so much better!

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