Very Young Kids Understand Shakespeare

I read Shakespeare plays, King Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory and other classics to my two children starting when they were six and three. No they did not sit still mesmerized into silence. I read to them while they were eating.
One story told of a knight who approached a bridge guarded by, if I remember correctly, monsters. A shield used as a sign explained to prevent monsters from attacking as you crossed the bridge a person was to strike the shield which would call a knight. If the knight who owned the bridge was beaten in battle the bridge could safely be used.

This was a lunch story and as the day continued I noticed my son and our dog, Cardinal Wolsey, were glued to the couch and constantly staring out our picture window. As time passed and my son was still stationed at the window, I asked him about this. He pointed to the back of a board outside and in front of our house. I went outside and found it was a large sign hand printed in a child’s hand but clear to be read. It was prominently placed, and pointing at anyone passing by. It read, “Whoever hiteth this shield will getteth what he deserveth” My son waited all day but no one hiteth his sign.

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