Suddenly I Can Sing All Opera Arias!

I can sing along with any opera now! I used to bring the words up on my computer and TRY to sing along with my untrained voice. It was grin! My cat would leave the room a little faster than her usual and casual countenance would allow.
Now I sing only one word to all opera arias. Now I can concentrate on improving the sound and timing, and my audience is mesmerized- spell bond- glued to her place. She stares at me then the tv, back and forth, where someone else is singing (with a trained voice), but my audience (my cat, Frormica,) prefers MY rendition!!!
You’re wondering; what is the one word; I meow. Formica prefers high notes while I generally sing base at church and at home. We’re both changing. Formica is now fascinated with songs sung in the low range, as long as all songs say meow, and I’m stretch into the high range. We’re both thrilled!

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