Dragon Found Buried In An Outdoor Tunnel, Is Now Visiting Indoor Tunnels

Meet Iva Lou, the dragon, before Grandmother does. They’re both in the book #1 ‘Leafman Who’s Beefman’ which is being offered free as a eBook for a short time at Amazon.
Anna is dropped off at her Grandmother’s and talks about her dragon Iva Lou, who was recently buried by the terrible Leafman. But luckily Iva was unburied by Anna. Grandmother hears about Iva Lou and the tunnels weaving back and forth through the secret yard that’s located between backyards, and that no one knows about except Leafman, Iva, and Anna’s family.
Grandmother listens and talks at the same time, as she tells her own tunnel story. The inside of her house is newly packed full of boxes, leaving only tunnels and skinny pathways leading from place to place. And now since Anna’s arrival piles of dirt appear amongst the tunnels. Anna blames them on her dragon.  nancymauerman.com

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