High Art And Fleas

Choose ye this day whom ye shall be; a flea on a dog or a bird in a tree. High art should move you to the core spiritually and intellectually; cause you to wonder.

The picture below, called Screaming Hills, is a response to my having read several scriptures speaking of the dust on the earth crying out to tell secrets men have thought hidden. The plains people of old North America tell stories of the Devouring Hill, who is also a cognitive creature, although I never understood his function or enmity toward men.

I understand I’m packed full of more tiny creatures than I am cells of myself and even the Nancy cells are conscience creatures. Similarly, the earth is full of many creatures, including me, and Earth also has a conscience spirit.

My function is a little different than that of my friend the Earth, I won’t be a witness, for or against, the creatures in and on me, “Boy, let me tell you how much trouble that microbe caused,” or, “Wow, what a guy. This little fellow helped me digest food SO well.”

Take this figuratively or not but choose ye this day whom ye shall be;

a torment to others,

or a beautiful soul, soaring through earth’s history.  nancymauerman.com

Screaming Hills

Screaming Hills

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